Hi! We’re Alice and Jack – the founders of Vanilla is the New Kink. As a ‘vanilla’ mom-and-dad cis couple, we wanted to create a site about sex toys, with a different ‘flavor’ (pun intended!) to what we predominantly saw online already.

We’re in our late-40s and we have three children aged between 9 and 12. As a couple, sex and sexuality have always been important to us. We see sex as an amazing way to connect and express love for each other. As a couple with three kids in the house, it isn’t always easy to make time for connecting through sex, but we put it as a high priority and make the best of what opportunities we have!

Photo of Alice

We also both happen to love ‘vanilla’: pleasure that comes from simple and uncomplicated sex. Both of us experienced kink-loving partners in the past and tried to embrace it. And we’re fully supportive of any type of sexual activity between consenting adults (including BDSM, kink and any other sub-culture), but we both realized that Vanilla is our kink!

Being open-minded and curious, we have experimented with a variety of sex toys, both individually and together. However, when we tried to research these toys, we often felt out of place on the sites we landed on. Sometimes it almost felt like our lack of interest in kink and BDMS made us abnormal! We absolutely support and have no problem with either, but many of these sites just didn’t resonate with either of us.

Photo of Jack

We also didn’t feel a real connection with many mainstream sex toy retailers. A lot of the style and images are just a bit ‘ick’, to be honest! And our pet hate is using the word ‘naughty’ when talking about sex toys or sexuality more generally. Don’t even get us started on that!

So, here we are. We aim to give you unbiased reviews of sex toys from our own point of view. We’re not into pain. We don’t need to be tied up to ‘get off’. And we don’t think sex toys, sexual acts between consenting adults or having an abundant and fulfilling sex life is ‘naughty’! We’re here to give you info and advice on sex toys in a way that we would find useful and hopefully entertaining!

Oh, and one more thing – because we’re parents with kids in the house, we’re also interested in things like:

  • will my child ask awkward questions about this toy if they find it?
  • what kind of device can I pretend the toy is if they do start asking questions?
  • how loud is this toy?

Have fun, whatever is your ‘vanilla’! ????

Alice & Jack