Best G spot vibrators

The Best G Spot Vibrators: Find The Elusive G-Spot

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The G-Spot is something that every woman wants to find, but not every woman does. It’s difficult to find, but boy, when you do, it is exceptional. G-Spot vibrators are designed to help you find and enjoy your G-Spot and the sensations it gives you. The Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile has won awards for its innovative design and should have all the awards in the world for mind-blowing orgasms. It’s our top pick overall for best G Spot vibrator, but everyone has different needs, so perhaps you’re looking for something specific. 

If so, then read more in our guide to the best G-Spot Vibrators. 

Our Top Picks for The Best G-Spot Vibrators

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Best Overall – Satisfyer Charming Smile

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The Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile is our favorite overall G-Spot vibe. It’s dainty at four inches, and really quite cute. It doesn’t have a traditional vibrator shape, which actually helps it to do its job. It’s designed to stimulate the G-Spot, and to be comfortable to hold. 

It’s made from a body safe, soft silicone. It’s pretty soft to touch, but it has a retainer ring at the end. It’s the ring that makes it so easy to use, hold, and control. The retainer ring is also home to the control buttons. It has three – a power button, a button to move to the next setting, and one to move back to the previous setting. 

The Charming Smile is all power housed in a small, ideal shape. It has 12 vibration programmes, with 6 different patterns, and 6 different intensities. Despite all its power, it’s not an overly loud or noisy vibe. 

This g-spot vibe is also waterproof rated IPX7. It can be used underwater for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter. This makes it fantastic for the bath or shower. 

The shape of the Charming Smile is perfect for G-Spot stimulation, but it doubles as a clit stimulator as well. So if you want your pleasure internally or externally, this vibe is the one for you. 

Best for Realistic Sensations – Lelo Mona 2

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The Lelo Mona 2 gives you sensations so intense and real that you’ll want to use it again and again. The shape of this vibrator is full of gentle curves, and bulbous lines, all designed to increase the stimulation. 

There’s so many things to love about the Lelo Mona 2, but one of the best things is how it vibrates and moves. As it vibrates, it moves in a finger like motion, which is what makes this one of the most realistic G-Spot vibes ever. The vibrations are wonderful as well. It uses a rumbly type vibration, and has 6 different speed settings. 

The shaft is made from a body safe silicone with a matte feeling, and the base is an ABS plastic. The silicone doesn’t pick up dirt, lint or fluff, and it doesn’t feel draggy against your skin. It also comes with a storage pouch to help keep it clean when you’re not using it. 

It has four buttons, but it has a simple and intuitive operation. There’s a + and a – button, but it also has a ^ and a ៴ button to cycle through the settings. 

The Lelo Mona 2 is rechargeable, and fully charges in 2 hours. It lasts for 4 hours of use. However, it can live on standby for up to 90 days. The charging port is covered by a cap, because this vibe is also waterproof. Bath times will never be so fun. 

Best Budget Option – G-Slim Vibrator

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The LoveHoney G-Slim G-Spot Vibrator is a reasonably priced G-Spot vibe that gets the job done. It’s super easy to use, comfortable, and despite the small price tag, it still has some great features. 

It’s shaped a little like a tulip, and this shape means that it is completely ideal for reaching your G-Spot. It has a slight curve, and is really smooth to touch. It’s made from a hard plastic, and it is rigid, but it’s really comfortable. It’s so comfortable that it’s perfect for even newbie G-Spot vibe users. 

The G-Slim G-Spot vibrator is also waterproof, which is always a huge plus for any vibrator! It has a simple to use twist base operation, so all you do is turn the dial on the base to adjust the speed. 

The only major drawback to this vibrator is that it’s battery operated. It needs 2 AA batteries, which is frustrating for some people. If this is the one for your G-Spot, keep a supply of batteries with it, just in case. 

Best for Tech Lovers – We-Vibe Nova

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We-Vibe makes some of the best toys on the market, and the We-Vibe Nova is no different. It’s a G-Spot vibe, with a clitoral arm, so your orgasms are super intense, and really just wonderful. 

Nova, like other We-Vibe vibes, connects to the We-Vibe app. The app lets your partner control it, if that’s your thing, but it also lets you set custom vibration patterns. You can design a pattern that really gets you off. 

Even if tech and apps aren’t your thing, the Nova is still amazing. The G-spot arm is shaped perfectly to make sure it hits all the right places, and the bendable clitoral arm keeps the pressure on your clit all the time. It has 10 preset vibration patterns, but you can use the app to tailor the speed for each. 

The Nova is made from a silky smooth silicone which makes it really comfortable to use. It’s also super quick to charge. A 90 minute charge gives you 2 hours of play time. 

Another huge bonus for the Nova is that it’s submersible, so it can be used to make your showers more interesting. The fact that it’s submersible also means that cleaning it is so incredibly easy!

Best for Added Stimulation – Fantasy For Her G-Spot Stimulate-Her

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The Fantasy For Her G-Spot Stimulate-Her vibrator takes inspiration from the shape of a butterfly, but there’s nothing soft and fluttery about the orgasms it produces. The design is perfect to stimulate your G-Spot, and other erogenous zones, resulting in an intense orgasm that will blow your mind. 

The shaft has a motor dedicated to finding and stimulating your G-Spot. It has 20 vibration patterns, so there’s loads of choice. On top of that, it also has a warming feature. It warms up to 40 Celsius, giving you even more stimulation and sensation. 

The bendy clitoral arm has a motor as well. It matches the intensity of the motor in the shaft, because this vibe is all about the end result. 

The G-Spot Stimulate-Her has a built in control panel, but it also has a remote control. You can let someone else take the reins and control the vibe. However, the remote can’t activate the warming feature, only the vibe itself can do that. 

It’s really comfortable to use. It’s pretty flexible so it can bend to sit where you need it to. It’s made with a matte touch silicone, so it’s also soft to touch and use. It’s also rechargeable, 

The only minor drawback is that it isn’t waterproof, and can’t be used in the bath or shower. But that’s a very small annoyance compared to the earth-shattering orgasms this vibe gives you.

What to Consider When Buying a G-Spot Vibe

How to choose a G spot vibrator


The material a G-spot vibe is made from is really down to your personal preference. Some people like a matte feel silicone. Others prefer a smoother feeling. When you’re looking at different materials, always be sure that you know which material your vibrator is made from. Some lubes can damage and degrade some materials. 


One of the main things to look for in a G-Spot vibrator is the head. The head should be bulbous, because it’s the head that stimulates your G-Spot. You may also want to look at other features. Some G-Spot vibes are designed so they can also stimulate your clit, giving a new combined orgasmic sensation. 


Another thing to consider is how the vibrator is operated. You may want a simple one button operation, with limited options, or you may prefer a more complex operation with multiple patters and speeds. Think about what you prefer. If you like a simple button operation, then a vibrator with a more complex interface probably isn’t the best option for you. 

Power Source

Another consideration is the power source. USB rechargeable vibes are brilliant because, well, they’re rechargeable. Battery powered vibes are still available as well, so you would need to think about how important a recharging feature is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your g spot

What Is The G-Spot?

The G-Spot is a highly debated part of female anatomy. Some believe it doesn’t exist, and others claim that only G-Spot can give them a completely mind blowing orgasm. Actually, both are correct.  

The G-Spot isn’t a separate part of anatomy. Instead, it’s a continuation of the clitoris. The clitoral network is much larger, and deeper than initially thought. The part that we all refer to as the clit is really only the very tip. It divides from the tip into two root type structures, and one of them is the G-Spot.

Where Is The G-Spot?

There’s no map to finding the G-Spot. There’s a general area where it may be, but the exact location varies for every woman. Generally speaking, it’s on the front wall of your vagina, and about an inch in. 

How To Find Your G-Spot

It can be difficult to find your G-Spot while having sex with your partner, especially if you aren’t sure you’ve found it before. It’s easier to find it by yourself. Relax, and explore your body with your fingers or a G-Spot vibe. Use a ‘come here’ motion on the front wall, towards your belly button. As the G-Spot is stimulated, it will begin to rise up, and may feel bumpy. 

If you don’t find your G-Spot straight away, try again. Try different relaxation techniques beforehand, and try different positions. 

G-Spot orgasms can make you ejaculate, so don’t worry if this happens for you. It’s not only very normal, but very enjoyable. 

Best Sex Positions For G-Spot Stimulation

Best sex positions for G spot stimulation

It’s easier to find the G-Spot by yourself, but it isn’t impossible for your partner to find your G-Spot. You can help guide him by letting him use your favorite G-Spot vibrator on you, and telling him what you like. It’s a great way to intensify your foreplay. 

There are some sex positions that you and your partner could try that may stimulate your G-Spot during sex. 


The cowgirl position can be perfect for your G-Spot. You should try adjusting your movements so that you aren’t only using an up and down motion. Rock your body forwards, and backwards as well. 

Doggy Style

You may find your G-Spot is easily tickled if your partner is behind you. You’ll need to adjust the angle of penetration a bit, so try leaning on your forearms, or lying off the edge of the bed, while your partner stands on the floor. 

Closed Missionary

Much like the missionary position, but with your legs closed. Your partner’s legs are on top of yours. You won’t be able to get a deep thrust in this position, but it does create smaller, intense movements. 

Finding a sex position for a G-Spot orgasm is much easier if you already know what you like. When you’re using your G-Spot vibe, try different positions, and move the vibe at different angles. If you know what you’re looking for, it will be easier to give your partner directions. 

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