Dame Eva II review

Dame Eva II Review – A Masterpiece of Sex Engineering

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Who is Dame Products’ Eva II for?

If you have a clitoris, you should read this Dame Eva II review – there is a lot of good news for people with clits who are after hands-free clitoral stimulation that is a bit different than a lot of vibrators on the market.  

As a hands-free vibe, I can tell you this product stayed on when I tried!

Dame Eva II vibrator
Dame Eva II is a great little piece of sex engineering

Our rating – 4

Dame Eva is rated 4 stars

What does Alice say about Dame Products’ Eva II?

I have a bit of a crush on Dame! I love a sex toy manufacturer with the right personality, ethos and mission and, for me, Dame gloriously ticks all these boxes! 

According to their website, Dame’s mission is to “close the pleasure gap”.

Dame Products – including Dame Eva II – are designed to close that gap and increase sexual pleasure for people with vulvas.

Dame Products have a strong focus on engineering and research that is ‘community’ focused – they often pro-actively seek customer input and feedback.

close the pleaure gap
Dame Products’ mission is to ‘close the pleasure gap’

Dame’s Eva II is an engineering masterpiece! 

This innovative sex toy is a small hands free vibrator that you can use solo or with a partner, including during penetrative sex! Eva II is designed in a way that it grips onto your body folds and stays there, freeing your hands and the rest of your body to pursue even more pleasure!

Dame Eva’s Performance

I found that Dame Eva II performance varies a lot depending on how you use it. 

I tried a few different ways and I had the best results when using it during penetrative sex – more specifically, when adopting a classic missionary position with Jack on top! As he thrusted, the weight of his body against my pelvic area helped to press the Eva II firmly against my clit for optimum results. 

There is no doubt that the extra clit stimulation during penetrative sex makes it much easier for me to reach an orgasm. I suspect Eva II will be a regular addition to our penetrative sex life!

While it was just great to have my clitoris being stimulated during penetrative sex, I did wonder whether the vibrations against his body were annoying. When I asked him that question, he said ‘no’. Win-win!

Dame Eva II is a great vibrator for couples
Dame Eva II works best when he’s on top

Jack and I also tried the Eva II doing ‘doggy style’. The pleasant clitoral stimulation provided by Eva II was very nice – although less intense compared to having it firmly pressed, however this did not last long as Eva II kept falling off.  

I also tried the Dame Eva II solo and in combination with another vibrator.

For hands-free solo use, I found this vibrator to provide a nice sensation on my clitoris, but far from being able to give me intense orgasms. However, using it in combination with other vibrators was a positive experience. 

My first experiment was to use it with a G-spot vibrator and the combination proved to be quite powerful and orgasmic. Although, I must say I used my hands a few times to press Eva II against my clitoris rather than operating it hands-free. 

My initial thoughts was that I would only be able to use the Eva II with a penetrative sex toy, however curiosity took the better of me and I decided to use the Dame Zee bullet vibrator with it. I am glad I did because it was just amazing! Both vibrators are small enough and the Eva II is flexible enough to allow sufficient room for them to be used together. 

This was my second best recommendation for how to use the Eva II, just after using it during missionary style sex with penetrative partner on top! In both cases, the extra clitoral stimulation will wake up any dormant nerve cells for an orgasm guarantee experience! 

Eva’s Shape and Design

The engineering credentials of Dame Products really show when it comes to Eva II’s design and shape. It really looks like your new best friend is ready to hug you. The arms of the Eva II is what makes it grip to your labia and stay there. 

dame is designed for vulvas and clits
Dame is designed to be place between your folds

Although not perfect, specially when tested against gravity, I found that this design worked for me and Eva II stayed in place most of the time. But there’s no doubt it worked better when I was lying down on my back with my clit facing up. 

The small engine is designed to be positioned on top of the clitoris and it worked well for me. 

Dame Eva II’s Size and Handling (Positioning) 

Dame Eva II’s small body where the engine goes is just a bit bigger than a cherry and it was a great fit for my vulva.

As mentioned earlier, the ‘handling’ of this sex toy is actually hands free.

Well, the little flexible ‘arms’ are to be tucked in your body ‘folds’ and, for me, it worked well between my labia majora. However, everyone is different and so are their vulvas. So, I suspect positioning will vary a lot and I have come across a small number of reviewers who found it difficult to keep this sex toy in place at any time at all. 

Dame Eva II is slightly bigger than a cherry
Dame Eva II is slightly bigger than a cherry


This is certainly not a cheap sex toy. However, if you can afford it, Eva II certainly has a unique hands-free design that makes it worthwhile. This is the best hands free vibrator I have ever come across and my favorite toy to be used during penetrative sex! 

For me, it is also important to know I am supporting a company with a mission and ethos that are important to me. They also promote a ‘hassle-free’ return policy (I never returned anything to Dame, so I don’t have first-hand experience) and a three-year warranty – much longer than most sex toys companies. 

Material and Care

Dame Eva II is made from medical grade silicone and feels very gentle on the skin. Just like any other sex toy, lube is highly recommended. 

Eva II is also waterproof. So, cleaning is super easy with soapy water! 

Intensity and Patterns

Dame Eva II has three intensities and operates under one single pattern. 

Compared to most vibrators on the market offering many different patterns and intensities, the three intensities and one pattern may sound a bit poor, but I think this is a case of ‘less is more’. 

With most vibrators, I hardly ever use a variety of patterns and my favorite is always that ‘one constant vibration’ which is exactly what Eva II offers. 

As far as intensity is concerned, I used this sex toy on its highest mode! The lower ones did not do much for me. 



Dame Eva II comes with a super cute ‘charging pod’!

You simply place Eva II inside it and connect the cable to a USB port. It is super discreet – in fact I had it on my home office’s desk for several hours and my kids did not get suspicious at all. 

Dame Eva II charging
Dame Eva II comes with a USB charger and a discreet pod – with a lid

Other Considerations

Dame Eva II is now my favorite vibrator to be used during penetrative sex, however if you are after a vibrator for mainly solo use, I believe there are better options on the market. Including options from Dame such as Dame Pom and Dame Zee, one of my favorite bullets ever! 

What Jack Says About Dame Eva II

Dame Eva II is a sex toy designed for vulvas and clits! As opposed to toys such as bullets and wand vibrators – which I quite enjoy when used around the testicles, Eva’s unique shape means I can only enjoy it by proxy! However, my experience of Alice using it during penetrative sex is a positive one. It clearly gives my partner an extra dose of stimulation during missionary sex. For my body is a neutral toy, the vibrations against my body don’t give me extra pleasure but they are not annoying either. 

Final Thoughts on Dame Eva II

Research shows that people with vulvas experience less orgasms and less overall sexual pleasure than cis men. As a young cis woman, there is no doubt that the early part of my sexual life had a strong focus on making my male partner sexually happy. 

Eva II and Dame Products in general are cleverly designed to close the pleasure gap!

Our rating: 4 Scoops of Vanilla!

Dame Eva is rated 4 stars