Rose Toy Review

Rose Toy Review | Is this the most powerful clit stimulator ever?

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What a cute little red rose the Rose Toy is! But don’t let its cuteness full you, that baby made me scream – of pleasure and (borderline) pain!

Just in case you were out of the loop… Rose is already a TikTok celebrity thanks to the countless users that continue to upload videos showing some of the best (and the ‘not so good’) features of the toy. 

Of course, I had to check this sex toy! I reached out to RoseToy company and was kindly gifted Rose for the purpose of writing this unbiased review!

Crafted to resemble a beautiful rose flower, this clit suction vibrator will slyly blend into your handbag and may pass off as a freshly picked flower to an untrained eye. It is your ideal rechargeable compact vibrator that packs more than enough punch to make you shudder in ecstasy.

Today I want to explore its bag of treats and show you what has made it an online sensation.

BE AWARE: As an internet and social media sensation, there are many Rose Toy ‘imitations’ out there. This Rose toy review covers the original Rose, from the company that originally designed and produced Rose Toy.

Our rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla

Rose Toy 4 stars rating

Pros: Rose Toy is effective (easy orgasms!), quiet, portable and affordable. Cons: Rose Toy can be too quick (if you enjoy a slow build-up) and is not fully waterproof.

Who is the Rose Toy For?

The Rose Toy is for clit owners who like an intense experience at a budget price and are not afraid of high-intensity sucking!

Rose Toy Inside Box With Rose Toy Charger

Personally, I found it too intense as I tend to prefer a slow build-up towards climax. Said that, as opposed to other clit stimulators that only work when placed directly on the pleasure spot, I was able to circle it around for a bit of foreplay enjoyment!

In fact, a big positive note is that Rose Toy can vibrate and ‘suck’ at the same time!

Like any other clit-sucking, Rose Toy works well on nipples. I particularly liked its intensity on those days when my nipples feel sore. The powerful massage feels quite soothing.

What Alice Says About The Rose Toy 

The Rose Toy makes a great first impression, from its sleek deep-red skin to its supermodel figure.

I have said multiple time on this blog, that cuteness is not a top priority for me, but it’s hard to ignore Rose’s prettiness. You’d think she’s gracing Fashion Week.

I’d say I was surprised at the amount of power it hides within its hidden motor but not too surprised, given what I’d heard from TikTok testimonials.

I was able to climax within seconds. It’s no secret that I’m pretty vanilla and not much of a power queen! In fact, I had to move it slightly away from my clit – otherwise, I would probably have come in a fraction of a second.

And despite her mini size, she felt quite sturdy and had a firm grip on its body when I first held it in my palms. 

The silver lining on the Rose Toy’s convenient small size is that you can leave it anywhere in the house, and no one will call it out for a sex toy. I trust you know how important this is, especially if you like your privacy and keeping your business to yourself.

Also, this suction vibrator toy easily fits into most of my purses and handbags while hardly taking up any space. This ability makes it one of the perfect traveling companions you’d ever want when glob-trotting.

Rose Toy’s Performance

The Rose Toy 10 function model is an upgrade of the Rose Toy line, featuring new and improved perks to inspire heavenly orgasms from her users.

I’ve loved every bit of its presence in my life so far. All her fireworks can be lit from the palm of your hand.

I liked the fact that it lets me unleash its powerful pulse-sucking vibrations on my nipples or my sensitive clit to invoke a tornado of orgasms at my command.

The Rose carries a powerful in-built motor that surpassed my wildest expectations. It also creates outward vibrations that are quite effective at supplying the vibes around your labia and other sensual regions surrounding the clit. That is something to note, as not all clit-suckers can stimulate the labia or any spots outside the clit.

Coupled with her soft outer casing and a 0.5-inch opening, this nifty little sucker constantly sent chills down my spine every time I had her pressed against my sweet spots.

Surprisingly enough…The Rose Toy is as unusually quiet. I kid you not.

At only 40 dB, she’s more discreet in use than most toys that fall at 50 dB or higher. 

It’s a fantastic sex toy option for people with kids in the house and still want to enjoy their ‘me time.’ – doors locked of course!

Rose Toy Tiktok Sensation Clit Stimulator

Rose’s Design 

Rose Toy is designed like a… rose! Yes, I’m sure you know it by now!

Crafted from high-quality silicone, she’s as smooth as a pearl yet soft as a petal. I also love the bright red color (I went for Chinese red).

This is the kind of toy that’s ideal for your skin since it’s 100% hypoallergenic, meaning you have lesser chances of getting an infection or reaction resulting from its use (as you keep it clean).

She’s also very snug. 

At 2.5 inches long and 2.2 inches, she’ll fit in alongside other elements of your purse and still leave more room for you.

Rose has just one button for everything! While simplicity can be good, with 10 modes to choose from, it can get a little frustrating having to press the button many times. Perhaps an up-and-down type of control could have been better.

The power button also substitutes as the pulsation control center. 

Rose Toy Price

One of Rose Toy’s best features is its price! It’s a pretty affordable vibrator – usually priced under $40) that won’t break the bank!

For a sex toy that packs such strong punches, the price is every masturbator’s dream, if I am to be honest. 

She’s definitely worth every buck and will prove to be a worthy investment.

BE AWARE – as an internet and social media sensation, Rose Toy now has cheap imitations out there. This review covers the original Rose Toy!

Using the Rose Toy

After unboxing, unlocking your Rose Toy is as easy as holding down the power button for 2 seconds.

It also has a single-button interface which makes things simple although it can take a while to find your favorite pattern.

After switching on the Rose Toy, I pressed the power button again to begin the suction pattern rotation through all 7 cycles to find my perfect orgasm.

On the other hand…

Once you have had your serving of suction delight, hold down the power button for 2 seconds to send Rose to sleep.


Rose Toy Charger

Rose Toy comes with a USB charger and, once charged, it’s meant to be used cordless. Yay!

The great thing about Rose’s charger are the magnetic dots that will make sure the toy is firmly placed onto its charging port.

Rose Toy Charger Comes With A Magnetic Charging Port

Some room for improvement – I would have preferred a slightly longer cable!

Imagine you are on a trip or lodging in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and your toy suddenly runs out of power.

You can use…

  1. Your pc/laptop
  2. Wall charger
  3. Power bank
  4. Car charger

To fully charge and restore your Rose Toy to 100%, plug her into a power source and leave her undisturbed for 1.5 hours. 

After this, you are free to wrap your legs around her supple petals for up to 2 hours – I could not possibly handle such intensity for more than a few minutes!

Rose Toy’s Suction Patterns

Rose will go down on you anytime you want, and she knows just how to focus her attention.

She packs continuing suction, sucking breezes and whirly tornadoes that could make your thighs shake uncontrollably once let loose. 

These range across 7 sucking modes settings and 10 frequencies which you can explore for a memorable masturbatory experience.

Once you turn on the suction, click the power button once each time you want to cycle through the various patterns and settings. The sucking modes are arranged in order of intensity – from lowest to highest. 

The lowest level was more than enough to give me an orgasm within seconds!

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean your Rose Toy using antibacterial soap and warm (not hot) water.

Rub a cloth against the soap and wipe at the mouth of the Rose Toy to eliminate any evidence of your encounter.

Rinse it away with warm water carefully to avoid moisture touching the power button or the charging port. Rose Toy is NOT fully waterproof and is not to be immersed in water!

To maintain the best hygienic standards with your Rose Toy, I advise cleaning her well after every escapade to avoid the build-up of germs or bacteria.

After wiping my Rose Toy with soapy water, I noticed some ‘humidity’ trapped between the ‘petals’. Damp surfaces are a breeding ground for bacteria! So, I had to pay extra attention to the drying process.

It turns out the pretty design has its downside! But fear not, I just let it air-dry for a little while before putting it away.

You should keep Rose Toy tucked inside a drawer and/or storage pouch (it comes with one) to prevent dust from accumulating on its surface. 

Rose Toy FAQs

Is the Rose Toy Waterproof?

Sadly, the Rose Toy is not fully waterproof. Upon purchase, you are seriously cautioned against letting any water droplets near the charging ports.

Said that, I have used soapy water to wipe its surface carefully.

It’s such a pity that you can’t take her into the shower, but she works wonders on dry land.

How Do I Effectively Use My Rose Toy?

To effectively use your Rose Toy, start setting the perfect sexy atmosphere for yourself. 

Mood is everything. So before you bump uglies with your Rose Toy, get the right ambiance in the room.

Other than that:

  1. Take some time to discover your sweet spots so you know the rhythm that excites you and where or how to create it.
  2. Once you are adequately set up, start with the low suction modes as you experiment through the power of each one, working your way up.
  3. Play around with the 7 suction modes at different intensities to get a variety of clit stimulation.
  4. The Rose Toy can be very quick at getting you to climax. If you want to go for the long ride, I strongly recommend using it around the labia first.
  5. To keep your Rose Toy in tip-top condition, ensure you clean her after every use and store her away from dust and dirt.

Our rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla

Rose Toy 4 stars rating