Slow Sex Box By Bijoux Indiscrets

Slow Sex Box by Bijoux Indiscrets Review

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The world of ‘boxes’ never ceases to amaze me. I have done wine boxes, cheese boxes, craft kit boxes, laundry products boxes, etc. You name it, and there’s a good chance I have tried! Despite being a [self-proclamied] box-connoisseur, I was actually caught by surprise when I heard of a “Slow Sex Experience Box”. 

Disclaimer: The Slow Sex Experience Box has been kindly gifted to us by Bijoux Indiscrets for the purpose of writing this unbiased review.

What is the Slow Sex Experience Box? What does it contain?

Bijoux Indiscrets’ Slow Sex Box contains a range of products such as lube, oils, gel, etc that aim at providing you with the right ‘tools’ to explore your body and/or your partner’s as you slowly and thoroughly enjoy the pleasure and connection. 

As opposed to other so-called ‘boxes’, the Slow Sex Experience Box is a one-off purchase, not a recurring subscription.

According to Bijoux Indiscrets description for the Slow Sex Box, the “box holds all the tools you will need to connect with your body, your partner and with your pleasure. This combination of oils, lubes, flavors and textures are perfect to explore what you like and say without words what makes you feel good. Open your mind and body to a cosmetic line that redefines the meaning of the word “foreplay”. True intimacy and connection! Foreplay is not just a means to an end; it is all about pleasure… Your pleasure!”

Inside the box, you will find 11 full-size “slow-sex” products plus a travel pouch and a tote bag – not just your ordinary reusable grocery bag, it’s a “slow-sex” manifesto bag, with a proud and loud “pro-pleasure” statement printed on. 

Slow Sex Experience Box Products

What you will find inside:

  1. Hair and Skin Shimmer Dry Oil. 
  2. Anal Play Gel
  3. Finger Play Gel 
  4. Oral Sex Balm 
  5. Nipple Play Gel
  6. Clitoral Balm
  7. Full Body Massage
  8. Warming Massage Oil
  9. Full Body Solid Perfume
  10. Mouthwatering Spray for Oral Sex
  11. Oral Sex Strips

+Cotton Canvas Totebag

+Travel Pouch

Who is Slow Sex Box for?

Well! The Slow Sex Box is for me – that is busy people like me, which is just about everyone! 

Between kids, full-time work and managing a household, I hardly ever take it slowly! To be perfectly honest, my love for sex toys is partially (and I deliberately highlight partially) due to the fact that they are so efficient at giving me amazing orgasms – quickly!!!!

Don’t get me wrong! I am not complaining about quick sex and fast orgasms – they can be very good! 

But, being able to slow down and be more mindful of the whole body, mind and spirit experience is no doubt an amazing experience and a most welcome break from the busy-ness of life. 

The Slow Sex Box helped me to achieve exactly that – slow down, enjoy the sensations each product is capable of providing and become more present in the moment.

It’s also worth noting that the Slow Sex Box is not gender-specific. In fact, all products can be enjoyed by people with penises and people with vaginas. The products can be enjoyed solo or with a partner(s). 

Our rating 4 scoops of Vanilla

4 stars rating
Slow Sex Tote Bag

What do Alice and Jack say about Slow Sex Box?

Like a lot of boxes containing a variety of products, Slow Sex Box had products that we loved (full body massage gel and warming massage gel are some of them) and products that were a bit ‘meh’ (oral sex strips)! There were products I thought I was going to dislike (the solid perfume), but, to my surprise, I was proven wrong! 

There is no doubt, though, that part of the fun with a box containing such variety is the process of trying them all – solo and/or with a partner.  

Let’s have a look at all items:

Hair and Skin Shimmer Dry Oil

This ‘dry oil’ feels oily when you first apply it but gets absorbed by your skin or hair very quickly – hence, a “dry” oil. The idea is to apply onto areas where you want to highlight with a shimmering effect. The oil has a nice coconutty smell (it’s worth noting the smell is a bit different to pure coconut oil) and it has a nice hydrating feel on the skin. No doubt something I will be using with a summer dress with a deep V-neck!

Anal Play Gel

The Anal Play Gel has a self-explanatory name! The smell of chamomile was a pleasant surprise when applying this gel. However, what struck me the most about this was its long-lasting effect. I personally find that a lot of water-based gels need constant re-applying – which can be very off-putting in the middle of a nice play – but this one lasted a lot longer than most! 

Finger Play Gel

I found the Finger Play Gel to be quite similar to the Anal Play One in terms of texture. It has a long-lasting effect minimising the need for re-application! The coconutty aroma was quite nice to smell, but I didn’t particularly like the taste when licking it. Since the package suggests it’s kissable, I felt like trying it. I didn’t find it revolting, but I am more inclined to use this for fingers only, not necessarily for kissing.

Oral Sex Balm 

The Oral Sex Balm is actually a lip balm with a minty taste (with hints of coconut) and a cooling feel to it. It can also be directly applied to the penis. It works really well as a lip balm during oral sex, as it stays on for quite some time. On the other hand, when applied to the penis, it did not have the same slippery effect as a traditional lube. 

Nipple Play Gel

The Nipple Play Gel provides a nice slippery and cooling sensation for nipple play. As opposed to other ‘kissable’ products, I quite enjoyed kissing my partner’s nipples after applying the gel. It has a nice subtle minty taste to it. It has a cooling (but not freezing cold) effect – the metallic tip helps with that, perfect for spring and summer. The texture of the gel is pretty close to oil. 

Clitoral Balm

I initially thought that the Clitoral Balm was just a fancy name for lube, but I was very wrong! It really is a balm (a bit like a body lotion cream) – ideal for clit massage with your (or your partner’s) fingers. It’s quite fast absorbing and provides a warm sensation when actively massaged. It works really well with fingers, but I didn’t find this appropriate for toy play (to be fair, it doesn’t claim to be). 

Full Body Massage

This is possibly one of my top favorites in the entire box! It’s pretty much all I want from a massage oil – it’s oily enough to make massage gliding easy. However, it’s not over-the-top oily that makes you feel like a big slippery mess in need of a shower asap! The coconut aroma is also present in this product. I will no doubt be re-ordering this!

Slow Sex Full Body Massage

Warming Massage Oil

Similar to the Full Body Massage, this product provides a nice gliding effect for massages without being too messy and too oily. All with the added bonus of a ‘warming’ effect! It can be quite a shock to the system when a ‘cold gel’ goes onto your warm skin. The warming Massage Oil not only eliminates the cold factor, it actually adds extra warmth as you get massaged. An absolute winner, particularly in cooler weather! 

Full Body Solid Perfume

The solid perfume looks a bit like a lip balm stick. It has a nice smooth effect, which I really enjoyed it on my skin – including my clit! The aroma is very subtle. I must say I often dislike perfume – their scent is just too much for my hayfever, and they tend to trigger endless sneezing from my side – and I had very low expectations with this product. I am happy to report this almost odourless perfume was perfect for me. While this is a ‘kissable’ product, I didn’t particularly like the taste of it, but there’s plenty you can do other than kissing!

Mouthwatering Spray for Oral Sex

When it comes to oral sex, the wetter the better! Who can disagree with that? I’m guessing the idea of this spray is to help your mouth with salivation. To be honest, I’m not sure I noticed any difference after using this spray. It’s sure to provide a bit of relief when your mouth is working hard and is very dry, and it feels like you can do with extra help. The citrus flavor is fine – nothing to die for, but fine as a spray. 

Oral Sex Strips

There are seven Oral Sex Strips as part of the Slow Sex Box. These strips are probably the most unusual product in the box! They kind of look like ‘fresh breath’ strips (Listerine style) and the minty flavor also reminds me of that – it’s not as strong, but not entirely subtle. 

Added bonus: travel pouch + tote bag

The travel pouch is a cute little addition to the box and allows you to pack your favorite products when going on holidays (you might be able to also fit in a small bullet vibe!). The tote is quite a statement bag with a ‘slow sex’ manifesto printed out proud and loud! I would love to tell you that I used it for my grocery shopping, but I’m far too shy.  

Travel Pouch With Slow Sex Experience


The Slow Sex Experience Box looks pretty expensive at first sight (retails for around €180 or USD 195), but there’s no doubt that if you consider you get 11 products (+tote bag, +travel pouch), it’s great value for money. It’s also worth noting that most products go a long way – a few drops will be more than enough.

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Final Thoughts on Slow Sex Experience Box

There are definitely lots of great goodies in there and no doubt there’s something for everyone. With so many products to play with – slowly, please!, the Slow Sex Experience Box is a lot of fun to experience solo or with your partner. 

Our rating 4 scoops of Vanilla

4 stars rating
4 scoops of vanilla