why do people sext

Why Do People Sext? The Benefits of Sexting in a Relationship

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Have you ever wondered why do people sext? I have – and it wasn’t until I explored my sexual imagination with my partner through sexting when I realized just how compelling it can be!

people sext
Sexting is a bonding experience for many couples

People sext because it releases sexual-tension, provides stimulation, and increases overall well-being and happiness. Sexting may also occur out of curiosity, sensuality exploration, or other similar desires.

6 Benefits of Sexting in a Relationship

1. Sparks Sexual Imagination

Sexting supports couples explore their sexual imagination through a spark of curiosity and fascination. It’s through this journey where participating in sexting provides the space to discuss fantasies that may not otherwise be discussed in person.

When sexting, hardly any topics are off-limits! Meaning this provides you the opportunity to explore your sexual imagination together, in a safe conversation, with your partner.

woman sexting
Sexting improves communication

Desires such as watching ethical porn together, fantasizing over new positions, and discussing steamy sex-ideas can bring an entirely diverse spin on the relationship. (In a healthy way too!)

2. Strengthens the Connection

Another reason why couples choose to sext is that it strengthens the connection in relationships. Sexting is a private and personal exchange that requires trust and openness from one another. When you feel comfortable enough to sext with your partner, you’re both developing a closer bond- whether you realize it or not.

3. Relieves Stress 

Did you know that sexting relieves stress? Many couples enjoy sexting with one another because it helps reduce stress and supports them throughout the day.

Just like the impact of having sex, sexting raises your hormones and can significantly boost your mood. This is why sexting can be extremely helpful when you’re craving a secret “perk-up” from your partner.

why do people sext
The thrill of receiving a sext from your partner in the middle of the day!

4. Enhances Creativity in the Bedroom

It’s no surprise that sexting leads to an enhancement of creativity in the bedroom because your sexual-imagination is running wild. When in the heat of the moment, people can find themselves sexting all-kinds of desires- even fantasies that haven’t been openly discussed yet.

Here are some examples of creative sex-ideas your imagination might enjoy when sexting:

  • Roleplay – Doctor and nurse? School-teacher and student?
  • Using a vibrator, lube, or similar sex toys
  • Public sex
  • New positions
  • Oral sex
  • Intimate touching

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5. Develops a Trusting Partnership

Sexting is one of the many activities that can help couples develop a more trusting partnership – but only in conjunction with other considerations. When a couple can communicate with one another and openly discuss concerns, sexting can be a great way to develop each other’s trust further.

Because sexting is such an intimate and personal activity, you should ensure healthy communication has been established first, to avoid any unprecedented awkwardness.

Why do people sext
Sexting is a good way to stay connected when physically apart

Not only does sexting help with trust in a partnership, but it also promotes confidence, freedom, and faith in the relationship.

6. Improves Communication

Sexting facilitates the improvement of communication in relationships – as it’s a language used to accommodate emotional desires. When you can’t tend to your partner in a physically sexual manner, sexting becomes the ideal solution.

One of the reasons why people choose to sext is because it allows an honest development for sexual communication to brew – which helps couples specifically that lack such openness.

Does Sexting Help Long-Distance Relationships?

Long-distance relationships are no different than regular-relationships – apart from the fact that you’re geographically separated from one another. Sexting can help couples in long-distance relationships satisfy sexual urges, so long as the relationship has a strong foundation.

If a long-distance relationship already has adequate trust, communication, openness, and confidence – then sexting will certainly help maintain those essentials. However, relying on sexting to provide those things to the relationship might be a bit of a long-shot.

People in long-distance relationships choose to sext for reasons such as:

  • The inability to physically have sex
  • A way to maintain relationship happiness
  • Build trust and develop a deeper connection
  • Deepen communication
  • Satisfy their partner’s sexual desires
Why do people sext
Sexting is healthy but not entirely risk-free

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sexting healthy?

Sexting can be a healthy activity, so long as intentions are positive and have been considered prior. Consent and trust are an important part of any sexual relationship and sexting is no exception.  

Will sexting lead to cheating?

Many factors determine whether sexting will lead to cheating or not. Factors such as beliefs, the overall healthiness of the relationship, and other similar issues should be considered.

Is sexting safe?

Sexting can be sexy without naked images. Words and sensual clothing can be just as arousing! But what if we take our clothes off?

When images are exchanged online, they are out there in the virtual world! Whilst risks can be minimized – strong passwords, no facial exposure, and a trustworthy partner- they can’t be completely eliminated.

It is important that you ask yourself how you would feel if the worst-case scenario happened and your images were leaked! Always consider the risk of exposure before deciding whether sexting is the right activity to partake in.

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