How To Sext Safely

How to sext safely (and enjoy it)

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Gone are the days when safe sexting was… no sexting at all! 

Most people these days have a smartphone and just about everyone, at some point, will feel the desire to sexually connect with another person. You put the two things together and it doesn’t take long for phones to become a device for sexual connection – that’s pretty much why people sext

Sexting is here to stay and has become a natural part of life – with a large percentage of the adult population admitting to exchanging nude pictures at some point in their life. 

It is fair to say that sexting (just like sex) is a natural part of life and there’s nothing wrong with it… until things do get wrong! 

Sexting (again, just like sex) is not risk-free and it is worth focusing our attention on how to text safely rather than not sexting at all! 

Safe sexting can apply to those who practice it as part of their relationship – we use this term loosely as there are many types of relationship – and to those who use a forum to sexually connect with another person. 

Let’s have a look:

Sexting as part of a relationship

It’s fair to say most couples do sexting as a replacement for an actual face-to-face date. It could be a long term thing or it could be just a sudden rush of burning desire in the middle of your workday.

sexy selfie for sexting

For whatever reason, you and your partner are not able to be physically close, however, the desire to be sexual is there. 

1 Consent is always important  

The main risk in a relationship is for one person to take consent for granted and jump onto sexting mode without the other person being entirely comfortable with it. It is really is important to clarify this with your partner before any exchange happens.

2 Privacy when sexting

Privacy is another important risk to factor in. Explicit images exchanged with a partner are intended to be a private affair between two parties and that’s where things can get out of control. After all, once your pictures are in the cyber world, they are there. Hackers can track them and use them against you. This is where online security becomes extremely important. While the risk will never be completely eliminated, online security measures can minimize the risk. 

There have also been many cases where one of the partners has leaked such images to third parties with the purpose of harming and/or extorting the other person – this act is known as ‘revenge porn’. Luckily, many jurisdictions have moved to make revenge porn a crime.  

Sexting Forums – keeping it safe

Not everyone is in a relationship!

That does not mean their need for sexual connection is gone. In fact, the absence of a sexual partner can make that desire even more intense. Once again, the cyber world can easily provide an answer to our urge. The risks there are even greater, so attention to safety should be even more important. 

Sexting Safely

What can we do to safely use sext forums online?

1 Risks to be mindful of when sexting

The cyber-world is full of scammers looking for that next vulnerable person to prey on. Scams come in different ways, they could be after your private data and/or your money. Scammers can also be out there stealing content from ethical porn creators to be used as their own – that means whoever is chatting to you may be a different person to the images (often nudes!) they exchange with you.

2 Looking for a serious sexting forum

It is important to look for a forum where providers who are available to chat are ethically and legally engaged: that means there are no minors (under 18 years old), workers’ consent is real and you are exchanging messages and sexy selfies with the real person! 

3 What about dating/chatting apps

Some people try sites like Snapchat and Tinder. But what makes these sites less trustworthy is the diversity of users. Since anyone can create an account there, you can always bump into someone dangerous. Also, you may struggle to find someone who you find attractive and is also interested in explicit sexting. These are not dedicated sexting forums. 

Other sites/apps that are arguably more sex-friendly such as Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Maddison are also not risk free – scammers use them too!

4 Free vs paid content

I get it! The internet is loaded with free porn.

So, why pay for a sexting forum? Safety is the main reason!

Paid sites often screen users and content creators – very different from an ‘everyone can sign-up for free’ approach. Also, real and genuine content creators are there to provide quality interactions, they take time and effort to satisfy their customers – you!

Final thoughts on safe sexting

Sexting is a normal part of life and everyone should enjoy it. Like most things in life, sexting is not risk-free. However, as long as you are mindful of the risks and strategies to minimize them, you should be able to have an exciting time with your sext-buddy!