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Lelo F1S V2 Review | Male Masturbator

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Lelo F1S V2 is perfect for people with a penis!

Lelo’s F1S V2 is a penis sleeve or penis masturbator that provides stimulation down there. As the name suggests V2 is the second version of this toy. It sounds like its predecessor, Lelo’s F1 Developer’s Kit, was intended as a first step towards developing the real deal! 

While I have never tried F1 Developer’s Kit, I was lucky enough to be gifted the F1S V2 by Lelo. 

Our rating 4 scoops of Vanilla

Lelo F1S V2 4 stars rating

What Jack says about F1S V2?

Lelo’s F1S V2 is a cylinder-shaped sleeve that emits powerful deep sonic waves. The full circle sleeve envelopes the entire penis and the waves are not limited to one particular area. The results – and the orgasms – are just mind blowing. In some cases, it felt so amazing that I had to stop to slow climax down. 

With some vibration patterns, I could have easily come very quickly. Possibly, far too quickly! 

Lelo’s F1S V2 Performance

If you’d asked me whether Lelo’s F1S V2 is like oral sex, my answer is no.

While I believe that is a false equivalence, F1S V2 is still a great sex toy for those with a penis. In fact, while people with clitoris have many toy options, penis masturbators are probably as good as it gets for solo masturbation and Lelo’s F1S V2 is an outstanding choice.   

Some of Lelo’s F1S V2 patterns are so intense that I needed to slow down to avoid early ejaculation and to fully enjoy the experience. 

Size and Handling of the F1S V2

The insertable area is  4.3 inches (or 11 cm) long. The inside of the sleeve is flexible and can be slightly stretched. 

lelo f1s v2 next to car keys
Lelo F1S V2 next to my car keys for size reference

The handling is straightforward! There’s not much handling to do. For a cis male (like myself), it can be quite a strange feeling to feel intense pleasure when you are not thrusting! 


Like all Lelo products, F1S V2 is not a budget option vibrator and it is understandable not everyone can afford it. Is F1S V2 worth its price? As far as sleeves are concerned, you can’t get any more high tech than this. 

So, my answer is, if you can afford it, yes, this product is worth every penny! Besides, as opposed to people with clits, sex toys for penis owners are quite limited!

Material and Care

Lelo’s F1S V2 is made from body-safe silicone and it is amazingly soft. I must admit I was initially concerned about inserting my penis there in case the material did not feel right. My concerns were proven wrong, the soft-silicone feels very gentle on the skin! 

Like any other penis sleeve (or sex toy for that matter), using lube is essential. I strongly recommend a water based one. There is a small lube sachet that comes in the box when you purchase Lelo’s F1S V2! 

Cleaning is super easy as this is a waterproof sex toy. I used soapy water on mine and dried it with paper towel. It is important to clean it up straight after use. 

Intensity and Patterns

There are four vibration patterns. I found them to be quite different actually! Some are more gentle, others pretty intense. I initially just randomly tried them all, however I would rather start with the gentle one first and move to the super intense as I feel I am ready to climax.

Starting with the very intense pattern would possibly lead me to a very fast orgasm. 

Sonic Waves applied to sex toys have been a feauture of Lelo since they launched Lelo Sona Cruise – allegedly the best selling sex toy of all times! 

This innovative mechanism is no doubt incredibly powerful – I have watched my wife Alice having very intense orgasms with her Lelo Sona 2 Cruise. 

Lelo’s F1S V2 Sound

This sex toy falls on the noisy end of the scale. Not something I will be using when my children are asleep – or inside the house for that matter.

The loud noise does not come as a surprise considering F1S V2’s double engine. 

Shape and Design

While Lelo’s F1S V2 shape is pretty much a classic cylinder shaped sleeve like many others on the market, there is no doubt it has a classy look and appeal – as per all Lelo products. 

The cylinder is a dark metallic grey colour and the internal sleeve comes in either red or blue. I chose blue. 

lelo f1s v2 is a powerful male masturbator
Lelo is well known for its classy design – F1S V2 is no exception


This is a cordless sex toy that comes with a USB rechargeable battery. Charging time takes two hours to fully charge. Usage time is two hours and the battery can last up to ninety days in stand-by. 

Other Considerations about Lelo’s F1S V2

Lelo F1S V2 male masturbator can be paired with an app. I have not tried it, but I am sure it is something that a lot of tech nerds will enjoy. In fact, it appears that Lelo is encouraging developers to come up with their own unique apps for this toy! Clever stuff!

Our rating 4 scoops of Vanilla

Lelo F1S V2 4 stars rating