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Best Affordable Vibrators – 7 Inexpensive Sex Toys

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A big price tag should not get on our way when pursuing self pleasure. Indeed, there are plenty of ways we can achieve that without spending any money at all. Whilst our hands and fingers are the obvious options, we are likely to have many everyday household items that can be used instead of a vibrator.

Best Inexpensive vibrator
Book a Date with Your New Inexpensive Vibe!

But, let’s face it, nothing will beat a machine that is designed to vibrate for the sole purpose of getting you to climax. The good news is there are many sex toys options that won’t cost you a fortune, but will still give you memorable orgasms. Cheap vibrators are also a great option for beginners who feel nervous about spending money on something completely unknown to them. 

In this article, we aim to feature products that cost less than $50 (some much less!) at the time of writing, however, it is important to be aware that prices may change. So, please click on the product link for current prices.  

After testing a few products and reading hundreds of reviews and prices, we believe that, overall,  the best inexpensive vibrator is The Bed Geek massager, for its power and easy-to-handle features. But there are other six orgasmic options that will improve your sex life without breaking the bank balance.

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Our Top Picks for The Best Budget Vibrators

Best Overall – The Bed Geek

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The Bed Geek Wand Massager is a very affordable magic wand – not the kind of wand you give to your kids to play, but surely magical for clitoral stimulation. The low price does not mean less power when it comes to the Bed Geek Wand Massager. It gives powerful orgasms and a diffuse pleasant vibe. 

Aside from the low price, this inexpensive vibrator has other fantastic  features.  This personal massager is cordless, so there will be no wires between you and your pleasure spot. It is USB-rechargeable and is comparatively super quick to reach full charge. This sex toy is also water-proof, so you can use it in the bath or shower, and cleaning is very easy and quick.

The Bed Geek Magic Wand
The Bed Geek – Low Price Does Not Mean Less Power

I also love the memory feature. For a toy with 8-speed settings and 20 vibration modes, it is a relief to know that when you find a speed setting and vibration pattern that you love, this wand will remember it next time you turn it on. There is nothing more annoying than having to try them all again when you are just eager to go back to your favorite! 

The Bed Geek Wand Massager is a good size, easy to handle, and made from soft, skin safe silicone. There are a couple downsides to this magic wand. One is that it’s a little too easy to accidentally change settings/speed – or even turn it off – while you’re enjoying it. The other is that the vibrations can be a little too intense for some people, leading to very quick buzzy orgasms. In that case, a good trick is to use it close to your sensitive spot but not exactly on it until you feel ready to climax. 

You can read more details about my experience with this sex toy in our Bed Geek Wand Review. 

Best Budget Bullet – Zee by Dame Products

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Everyone should add a bullet vibrator to their sex toy collection and The Zee by Dame Products is a wonderful budget option. Let’s be honest! I love Dame and, if I could afford it, I would easily buy their entire range, but the good news is that whilst most Dame Products fall into the more expensive side of the spectrum, the Zee is surprisingly low-cost! 

Like other products they are famous for, Dame Zee is women’s designed and focused and is another great product for those who are after clitoral stimulation. The Zee is a small discreet bullet vibrator, easy to operate, but still fantastic in terms of orgasmic power and function. 

It’s USB rechargeable, so you won’t be caught out looking for batteries or between wires. It charges quickly, and a full charge can give you up to around 90 minutes of pleasure.

It’s made from a soft touch ABS plastic. This makes the Zee easy to clean, soft on the skin, and incredibly comfortable to use. It’s also water resistant. 

The Dame Zee is a powerful little bullet, with 3 speed settings- you honestly won’t need more. It has a single button to control all settings. The button is easy to press, but not too easy that it changes accidentally during use or, even worse, during climax! 

The small and discreet shape of the Dame Zee makes it the ultimate on-the-go best friend for your clitorisl- you can take it anywhere as it will easily fit in the smallest purses. It’s perfectly shaped to stimulate you without breaking your bank balance. 

Best ‘Bang’ for Your Buck – Maude Vibe

Maude Vibe Massager
Maude Vibe is small, simple and yet powerfully orgasmic!

The Maude Vibe falls into the slightly more expensive side of the “cheap vibrators” category but is still reasonably priced and, more importantly, it is worth every penny!

Maude Vibe is a great minimalist sex toy for clit stimulation that can give you intense orgasms very quickly. It is simple, small, discreet. But don’t let its simplicity fool you: this vibrator is wonderfully powerful! 

With three intensities to choose from, this sex toy falls into the ‘less is more’ category. Often having 10+ speeds to choose from can be a daunting and time-consuming task, when all you want to do is hurry up and have an orgasm. 

The Maude Vibe is made with super soft skin-friendly silicone, is USB rechargeable and is waterproof. This toy comes with a travel lock and a cute travel pouch, making it an unforgettable travel companion. 

For a more detailed review, check our Maude Vibe Review.

Best Budget G-Spot Vibrator – Treediride G-Spot Vibrator

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The Treediride Classical G-Spot Vibrator is a very reasonably priced vibrator for those who are after G-spot stimulation. The good news is it can also be used as a clit stimulator – win-win! It’s straightforward and easy to use, comfortable, and despite the small price tag, it still has some fantastic features. 

The shape has a very noticeable curve that many reviewers say is just perfect for reaching your G-Spot without too much stretching and maneuvering. It is made from a very flexible silicone and really smooth to touch. It’s so comfortable that it’s perfect for even beginners’ G-Spot sers. 

The Treediride G-Spot vibrator is waterproof, which is always a great feature for any vibrator, even if you are not a bath/shower user, water makes cleaning up duties much easier! 

This toy recharges quickly via a USB cable and many users report how quiet it is – another big bonus in our books!

Best for Clit Stimulation – Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a fantastic option if you are looking for a sex toy dedicated to clit stimulation and oral sex kind of vibe. The idea behind this sex toy is to reproduce a ‘sucking’ movement through its air suction technology. In fact, this toy does not ‘vibrate’, it ‘sucks’ – yes, we are talking good ‘sucking’ here! The amazing thing is that it does so without breaking your budget. 

This type of vibrator (ok, technically it does not vibrate) is great for those who like pinpoint – as opposed to diffuse – clitoral stimulation. The cap of the toy gets placed around the clitoris and the air waves do the rest! For those with sensitive clit skin, this device does not sit directly on your clit. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is Great for Pin-Point Clit Stimulation

It has 11 intensities to choose from and is very powerful – I got to climax at intensity 3 and I suspect I am not the only one who reached an orgasm at that level. Power-Queens (I am not one) will enjoy the extra strength of higher intensities! 

For more details, check our Satisfyer Pro 2 review

Best Budget Rabbit Vibrator – PALOQUETH Rabbit Vibrator

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This article would not be complete without a budget Rabbit option! Rabbit vibrators are great for providing dual pleasure – typically clit and G-spot stimulation. The PALOQUETH Rabbit Vibrator is terrific value for the price.

This vibrator style is a classic shape – an oldie, but goodie – that has been around for a while! This model by PALOQUETH presents a curved shaft on one side making it ergonomically comfortable and, on the other side, it has a head with cute bunny ears! It’s made from silicone that feels smooth and soft – very ‘premium’ feeling – without the premium price! It is USB-rechargeable and has 9 different vibration settings.

The Rabbit shape has been pleasing women everywhere and is must-have for any respectable sex-toy collection!

Best Budget Sex Toy for Couples – Satisfyer Partner MultiFun 3

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Other than reasonably cheap, the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 is also an extremely versatile sex toy. According to the instructions on the package, there are over 32 different possible ways to use it both as a couple’s vibrator and solo. One of the most unique features of the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 is the three engines – two in the flexible prongs and another one on the shaft. 

The possibilities with this device are endless. You could use this sex toy to increase the intensity of your orgasm by using it as a clit stimulator, or as a G-Spot vibrator. But it goes further, you can also use it as a stroker or testicle tickler for your male partner. Each of the three motors has 10 vibration patterns. There are so many different possible combinations to try that we really recommend a mini-holiday dedicated to this toy!

Satisfyer Multifun 3 instructions
Satisfyer Multifun 3 is an Inexpensive Versatile Sex Toy

It’s made from body-safe silicone, so it’s soft on the skin and comfortable to use. It’s also waterproof rated IPX7 – meaning it’s okay for water use up to one  meter for 30 minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do vibrations feel good?

Certain parts of the human body (i.e. the clitoris) have specialized nerve cells that pick up on vibrations. In the case of the genitals, machine-made vibrations can stimulate these nerves to send positive signals to the brain that are interpreted as being highly pleasurable.

What is a good cheap vibrator for a beginner?

For beginners, we recommend simplicity that does compromise on pleasure. Something with not-too-many speeds and patterns, easy to handle and with a simple design. The Maude Vibe and the Zee by Dame Products meet our simplicity criteria and make great cheap vibrators for beginners. 

Are cheap vibrators ineffective?

No, not necessarily! Whether a sex toy gives you an orgasm or not, it depends on choosing the right product for your body type. For example, if oral sex is your thing, the most effective sex toy may be a suction vibrator that replicates that sensation. There are many great vibrators that are surprisingly cheap! This article features some of the very best affordable vibrators! 

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