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6 Things to Know About Liberator Furniture! (Are They the Best Sex Furniture Brand?)

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Have you ever wondered why most people talk about Liberators when you mention anything about sex furniture and sex position aids?

Liberator is the leading producer of bedroom adventure equipment, including pillows, love seats, and romantic accessories. Their famous collections are known for their distinctive designs, top-notch materials, and exceptional functionality.

My own liberator sex wedge is probably my most used sex device! It makes penetrative sex as well as the use of sex toys so much more comfortable and accessible.

So, in this article, I will talk more about Liberator and why it’s so unique compared to other brands.

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1. What’s a Liberator Furniture?

The Liberator sex furniture is a company that manufactures pillows, foam wedges, half-spheres, and even loungers that allow you and your partner(s) to conveniently maintain sexual positions that may otherwise be challenging or impossible. 

The challenge may be due to a lack of athleticism, body injuries, or disability.

Liberator has been manufacturing sex furniture, position assistance, and bedroom accessories to make your bedroom a better place to have romance than before.

No matter the size, you can incorporate different heights, curves, angles, and movements with Liberator furniture to discover the most effective and pleasant methods to connect more deeply with your sweetheart.

Even better, you can add more positions to your sexual activity with the aid of this furniture and accessories, which will advance your sex life.

Let’s now focus on the top Liberator furnishings and accessories available.

Liberator Sex Furniture Supports Pelvis Elevation

2. What Kind of Sex Furniture Does Liberator Manufacture?

Liberator has a fantastic reputation for manufacturing the following sex furniture:

1. Sex Benches

Liberator sex benches have a backless, flat design that’s also slender to give you full control and access during foreplay or thrusting.

They’re slightly raised on wooden legs and are covered with antimicrobial lambskin leather that’s non-staining and easy to clean.

They can fit your king or queen-sized beds perfectly and have a simple outlook that’ll still pass design checks decades down the line.

The two bench models in the Prelude series also have hidden restrain clips for BDSM lovers and a commendable general weight (35 and 40lbs) to support your bodies. 

What’s interesting is that despite their enormous size, they easily blend in with the rest of your bedroom furniture. Someone can actually confuse them with an Ottoman!

Examples of sex benches include; Prelude Bench King Black Label & Prelude Bench Queen Black Label.

2. Pillows, Ramps, and Cushions

Liberator sex pillows and ramps, as opposed to ordinary pillows or couch cushions, are made specially to support various sexual positions.

They provide a more sturdy foundation to hoist your body and support your neck for better angles. With your body in a better position, you’re up for deeper penetration and some notable relief of pressure from your (or your partner’s) aching joints.

This might help you explore new positions or improve your current ones. 

And since most of them are machine washable, they are also simpler to clean.

Examples include; The Zeppelin Cocoon, Liberator Heart Wedge Pillow, Liberator Jaz, and Liberator Flip Ramp.

3. Sex Couches

Liberator also manufactures sex couches that are designed to support various sex positions.

The sex couch is distinguished by its ability to support your weight and brace your neck, head, and torso using carefully placed elements like curves, slopes, and dips.

Anyone who has physical limitations or finds it challenging to perform sex positions because of weight or flexibility would profit from it.

Examples include; Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise, Liberator Esse II, Liberator Esse

3. What are The Most Popular Liberator Products?

1. Liberator Esse Lounger and The Black Label Esse Lounger

The Esse Lounger is perfectly designed for Kamasutra positions if you’re into that kind of spice. It has a removable, soft, machine-washable cover and includes a mini-scoop and a headrest to support your back and head, respectively. 

This beauty also has a moisture-proof inner lining that protects the couch’s padding from your romantic showers.

On the other end… 

The Black Label Esse Lounger provides more stability for effortless transitions and is customizable with any of your choice handcuffs.

2. Zeppelin Wolf Faux Fur and The Zeppelin Fox Faux Fur

The Liberator Zeppelin is like a round-shaped bed. Both Zeppelins are over-sized pleasure cushions mostly made for couples that provide the perfect setting for lavish cuddles before/after sex.

They both have premium shredded foam bodies which strike the ideal balance between comfort and support.

They also have soft and wonderfully life-like imitations of wolf fur and fox fur fabric. The covers are detachable and machine-washable, giving you simple cleaning.

3. Liberator Equus Wave

Liberator’s Equus Wave is a personal favorite of mine. I love the versatility of this product that can go from bench shape to wavy lounge. Equus Wave provides incredible flexibility while relieving pressure on your joints. You can use it separately for more comfort and deeper penetration or as a straddling bench for increased thrusting strength.

Due to its adjustable shape and stylish design, the Equus Wave mixes in with furniture without much effort and can be easily mistaken for home décor.

Wouldn’t you love that? *Wink

4. Liberator Flip Ramp

Liberator Flip Ramp is another incredibly versatile product much like the Equus Wave – it goes from square shaped ottoman bench to a very supportive ramp that makes sex and pelvic elevation very comfortable. This attractive multipurpose sex ramp offers assistance and lifts for all sex positions.

This is the ultimate bedroom incognito sex ramp. This is also one of the most affordable sex furniture pieces you can find!

This clever piece of sex furniture is made with discretion in mind while providing you with several alternatives for trying out your bent sex positions like Doggy and the rest.

The ergonomic shape also accelerates penetration and provides more controlled thrusting and angles that help balance out height disparities.

5. Obéir Spanking Bench

This one goes a little outside my Vanilla tastes, but no doubt it can be a useful position aid for those who like bondage. Your knees will thank you for this little bench.

The Obéir Spanking Bench offers the ideal setting for quirky treats and inspiring positioning for bondage. 

It’s made of high-density foam for a strong yet supple foundation and is intended for excellent powerplay during kneeling and sitting positions.

It has built-in D-ring attachments for restraints like cuffs, ropes, or silk sashes. Its reinforced microfiber cover guarantees it can withstand even the harshest punishments.

6. Liberator Esse Chaise

The Esse Chaise is one of Liberator’s original products and, like any classic, it never goes out of fashion.

It’s one of the best Liberator chaises with excellent stability, removable and machine-washable covers, a sleek design with cozy textures, and moisture-proof nylon lining.

There’s no disputing the comfort and value this piece of furniture will provide to your sex life, even though the price tag could be slightly out of reach for some individuals.

The Esse Chaise also includes the Esse Headrest increases the height or comfort of reclining by an additional 5.5”, luring you to try even more experimental positions. 

Additionally, it matches the existing Esse fabric and color selections, so you don’t have to worry about color clashing.

7. Liberator Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

Liberator’s Heart Wedge pillow is a cute like heart-shaped sex wedge. It provides the same firmness as the classic sex wedge pillow, however it is smaller – in size (18″W x 14″L x 7″H) and in price! This pillow offers a delightful inclination for more comfortable penetration and/or masturbation.

As a positioning tool that also serves as a decorative pillow, this smaller version of the Wedge fuses fashion with desire and is one of the most affordable pillows on their range!

Being a smaller pillow, I would recommend this product for those with ‘petit’ bodies.

4. What are the Dimensions of Liberator Sex Furniture?

Liberator’s sex furniture’s dimensions vary depending on the type and function you and your Love Bun are after.

For example… 

The Jaz Travel Pillow measures 14″W by 8″L by 6″H and is one of the smallest, while the Prelude Bench King Black Label measures a whopping 72″L by 22″W by 18″H (at 40lbs) and is one of Liberator’s largest sex furniture.

To be more specific, here’s how a few of the most popular Liberator picks measure:

  1. Esse Lounger: 64″ by 24″ by 24″ overall | Height at Head: 23″ | Height at Center: 9.5″ | Height at Foot: 16.5″
  2. Esse Chaise: 68″ by 22″ x 22″ overall | Height at Head: 22″ | Height at Center: 11″ | Height at Foot: 16″
  3. Black Label Esse Lounger: 64″ by 24″ by 24″
  4. Zeppelin Wolf and Fox Faux Fur:  Flat Position: 72″Diameter by 12″H | Chair Position (On Side): 58″ D by 48″W by 40″H
  5. Flip Ramp: 19″ by 19″ by 15″ Folded and 37″ by 19″ by 12″ Flat
  6. Heart Pillow: 18″W x 14″L x 7″H

5. Where is Liberator Manufactured?

Liberator is manufactured in the USA by Luvu, one of the largest sex furniture manufacturers in the world. 

It’s recognized for its unapologetically futuristic designs that appeal to people of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, levels of mobility, and interests.

They’re pretty popular with people looking for an enhanced sexual experience, including singles, couples, and even groups.

6. Is Liberator the Best Brand for Sex Furniture?

Arguably, yes! Apart from the top-quality, their range of options is quite vast.

Liberator is, without a doubt, one of the best brands for sex furniture as they offer a variety of sex furniture, accessories, bedroom adventure gears, and even apparel, just to mention a few.

They have combined innovative design, sexual health, and wellness in all of the Liberator products to give vanilla lovers nothing but the best experience.

Liberator also carefully incorporates heights, angles, curves, surroundings, textures, and shapes in their furniture to improve romantic relationships and spruce things up.

They have waterproof sheets and covers sold separately that are a great plus for when you want to keep the scene dry. 

And since everyone loves discreetness…

Liberator features more décor-friendly sex furniture than any other brand in the market, as seen in the Flip Ramp, Prelude Bench Black Label Series, and the Zeppelin Cushion Series.

Are There Alternative Brands to Liberator?

There are other few alternatives to the Liberator brand that you can also check out. They include:

1. Fettish Fantasy 

Fettish Fantasy is mostly focused on inflatable devices such as inflatable wedges and pillows. They are also a global household name for BDSM products.

One of the big pluses of Fettish’s products is that they are relatively affordable.

2. The Tantra Chair 

It’s also another adult brand that offers the same services as the Liberator, except that they only manufacture one product – “The Tantra Chair”. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Are Some of the Benefits of the Liberator?

Some of the benefits of Liberator include enhancing passionate intimacy at various positions for improved orgasms

People, including those with medical issues and back pain, are consequently more comfortable using Liberator products.

Aside from that, Liberator designs comfortably accommodate people of various heights and sizes. 

2. What Is the Function of A Liberator Sex Furniture?

A Liberator sex furniture will give you support, which enables you to relieve pressure from your knees and back by creating the ideal sex angles.

As a result, this also makes sex more pleasurable and pleasant. 

Their diverse forms might be helpful for ladies who have previously had painful sex. 

They make it possible for you to feel at ease if you decide to share a passionate moment somewhere other than the bedroom, such as the kitchen or the floor.