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Liberator Wedge Review | Get Comfortable and Enjoy

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Who is the Liberator Wedge for?

We’d recommend the Liberator Wedge if you are looking for anyone who would like to improve their sex life, which is just about everyone. Just when I thought sex couldn’t get any better, by making it more comfortable, the Liberator Wedge has proved me wrong. A quality sex pillow can make a huge contribution in your life as a sex position aid.

The Liberator Wedge gives extra support, height and firmness during sex and masturbation.

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Our Rating: 4.5 Scoops of Vanilla!

liberator wedge sex pillow 4 half stars

What Alice says about the Liberator Wedge…

Liberator wedge pillow

The liberator was one of the most reluctant purchases we have ever made! Indeed, my first thought was “how much?.. for a pillow!!!” Is it really that special? Will it be that different from stacking our night pillows during sex? Could I buy a cheaper wedge pillow like the one I used to support my belly during pregnancy a few years ago? I was reluctant, but my husband Jack just went for it. And I’m glad he did!

The Liberator Wedge is worth every penny and is very different, in fact, much better than relying on your standard night pillow! It is incredibly firm, supportive and sinking-proof – it just doesn’t get squashed by my (or Jack’s) body weight.

How to use the Liberator Wedge Pillow

By sliding the Liberator Wedge under your back or your stomach, your entire pelvic area gets a lift and, from there, the possibilities are endless. You may also use it under your legs or torso.

The instructions that come in the package suggest 6 different ways to use The Liberator Wedge, but, if you use your imagination and read your body needs, there are numerous possibilities. And if you ever need more inspiration, Liberator has a positions guide on their site! Let’s go through some of the best.

Liberator Wedge Position Guide

For Oral Sex

An elevated position during oral sex allowed for longer sessions. By being closer to the action, Jack’s neck didn’t get as sore as quickly! He also didn’t have to rely as much on his own hands to support his body weight. For the receiver (lucky me!), the added height allows for a much better angle and it is really nice to see your partner closer to you.

When giving oral sex, I like to place the Liberator Wedge under Jack’s hips as I face him directly and slide my legs in a V shape under his thighs. Without the liberator, his thighs would be on top of mine and I can’t bear their weight for a long period of time.

For Missionary

Liberator wedge positions

I was blown away by what a difference a little elevation does. By placing the Liberator Wedge underneath my hips, it allows for much deeper penetration in a very comfortable way. I am a big fan of missionary with legs placed on his shoulders, but there is a limit to how long I can hold on to this position. With the Liberator Wedge, keeping my legs on his shoulders has become a breeze.

For Doggy Style

The Liberator Wedge made a positive difference during oral sex and for missionary position, but, for doggy style, the benefit is even greater. Jack and I have a bit of a height discrepancy and it is important that I lift myself up as much as possible for easier penetration. In the past, we stacked pillows under my belly. Needless to say, standard pillows were easily squished under my body weight. The Liberator Wedge was a game-changer. Its firmness and support allow for doggy style sex without that sinking feeling!

For Masturbation and Sex Toy Use

Sex Wedge

Similar to its benefits during different sex positions, the elevated position allows for a much more comfortable and long-lasting experience during masturbation. Nevertheless, the biggest difference is the ‘close to the action’ factor. With the Liberator Wedge underneath my hips, my arms and torso are much closer to the action and I can see things (the top part of my vulva) that I was not able to without that sort of aid. The same happens when my husband Jack uses sex toys on me – the extra height gets him closer to me without having to bend his body. No more back pain and long-lasting plays!


As I mentioned before, I was very reluctant to spend (what I consider to be) a substantial amount of money on a pillow! I was wrong. The Liberator Wedge is very different from conventional pillows. It is wrong to compare the Liberator Wedge to ‘a pillow’. It really is a sex aid and, as such, the price is justified. And as Jack says, the Liberator Wedge is our best “bang for your buck” sex device… as opposed to sex toys hat get used on rotation and sometimes not at all (we have kids at home), The Liberator actually gets used all the time.

Liberator’s Material and Care

The Liberator Wedge comes with a convenient removable and machine-washable cover, which makes life much easier. The cover is made of microfiber fabric and comes in different colors (mine is blue). I must say I am not the biggest fan of that fabric. It seems to make me hot and sweaty, however, that is an easy fix by using it under the bedsheets or with a cloth.

Size and Packaging

The small package was a big shock to us! But fear not, the Liberator Wedge comes in a vacuum-compressed packaging and, once removed from its plastic wrapping, it grows to its normal size 14L x 24W x 7H (inches).

Other Considerations on the Liberator Pillow

Sex Chair

Apart from being an excellent sex aid, The Liberator Wedge is a fantastic aid for many other purposes too. I often use it to practice yoga poses and also as back support when reading in bed or under my legs to put my feet up.

I could not find any references to a maximum weight supported by the Liberator Wedge. This product seems to handle my weight pretty well (about 160 lb), however, I have come across a handful of reviews from people who did not have the same sink-free experience. Typically, these reviewers presented a much higher body weight than mine.

Overall, this product has excellent ratings and, certainly, get as high rating from me!

Final Words on Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge is a great sex aid tool that makes sex more comfortable for you and your partner. More comfort translates into longer-lasting and pain-free sex. The Liberator Wedge has become an essential tool in our sex life together.

Our Rating: 4.5 Scoops of Vanilla!

liberator wedge sex pillow 4 half stars

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Liberator Wedge do?

The Liberator Wedge is a supportive sex aid typically placed underneath the hips or the stomach in order to elevate the pelvic area for a more comfortable and pleasurable sexual experience.

Is the Liberator Wedge easy to clean?

Yes, the cover is removable and machine washable.

What is the difference between the Liberator ramp and the Liberator wedge?

The Liberator Ramp has the same wedge-shape and is made with the same material as the Liberator Wedge and is also a sex aid that facilitates comfortable sex in different positions, however, it is bigger in size (34″L x 24″W x 12″H vs 14″L x 24″W x 7″H). The Liberator Ramp is often used in combination with the Liberator Wedge and sold as a combo package.

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