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Lovehoney Lingerie: Our top 5 body positive selections of the new season

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I am in love with this season’s Lovehoney Lingerie. There is something for everyone.

Body positivity is empowering
Body positivity is empowering

People come in all shapes and sizes. While we all have areas of our bodies that make us feel sexy, we all have areas that we are less comfortable with. Some parts we like to accentuate while others we prefer to minimize.

Like most middle-aged women my midsection is something that I am self-conscious of no matter what I am wearing. This is all part of being a woman. No matter our age, size or shape we all like to feel sexy and feminine. Good lingerie should help foster body-positivity and inspire confidence. 

What is body positivity?

Body positivity is the idea that all women deserve to have a positive body image. As a culture, we have been fed images of the idea of the “perfect body” for years. Airbrushed models in magazines create unrealistic expectations for women.

The idea of the perfect body has changed over the decades. At one time the ideal body was considered “Rubenesque”. A term coined from the images in the paintings by Peter Paul Rubens which featured full-figured women.

Over the years as times and culture shift, the idea of the perfect body has gone from Rubenesque to a size zero and everything in between. No matter what the standard of the time is, that idea of the perfect body is forced upon us.

Body Positive is to feel good in your own skin
Body Positive is to feel good in your own skin!

Body positivity is one of the greatest signs of female empowerment, as we make a statement that we are sexy and desirable no matter what society says.

Things like sexy lingerie, visible make-up and revealing clothing belong to us all: trans women, women of color, older women and non-skinny women alike.

Being a middle-aged transgender woman, body positivity is something that I have struggled with for years. To me, body positivity is being comfortable in your own skin no matter what size or shape you happen to be.

A positive body image helps to create confidence and self-assurance.

The right lingerie can help

Whether you are looking for something sexy to sleep in or just something to spice things up there is lingerie for you. First decide what your lingerie will be for and then think about what areas of your body you most like to accentuate and those you wish to minimize.

Accentuating your positives will make you feel sexy and confident. If you FEEL sexy, you ARE sexy. The way we feel about ourselves inside directly correlates to how others see us.

best lovehoney lingerie
Sexiness is a gift to yourself!

If you are confident it shows how you carry yourself and how you interact with others. This is even more true when it comes to a partner who sees us on a daily basis. 

But make no mistake, while the seduction game can be a healthy part of any relationship, it is perfectly okay to dress-up and be sexy as a gift to yourself.

Below are our top picks from the latest Lovehoney lingerie collection!

Top Lingerie Picks

  1. Lovehoney Cherry Blossom Ivory Satin Teddy
Sexy Lovehoney lingerie
This Lovehoney Lingerie is sexy and functional

This beautiful teddy comes in sizes ranging from a size 2 to 24. The silky satin material makes this a wonderful combination of sexy and functional. It covers the common problem area of the midsection while leaving the back open to feel a partner’s hands on your skin.

The elastic waist and low cut neckline help accentuate cleavage and curves while remaining comfortable enough to wear for longer periods of time. The matching satin robe (sold separately) makes this a very good option for evenings relaxing at home with someone special.   

  1. Lovehoney Fierce Leather Look Lace Up Bustier Set
Fetish style lovehoney lingerie
This fetish style is great for a romantic night

While this fetish inspired lingerie may not be great for sleeping in, if your goal is to get the attention of your significant other this set will definitely have the desired effect. The zipper front makes it easy to get on while the lace up back allows for adjustments.

The steel boning cinches the waist to minimize problem areas and the criss-cross lace cups lift and enhance the breasts. For me personally, this look always makes me feel more self-confident and comfortable with my body. This sexy set comes in sizes 2 to 20 and should help to inspire body positivity. 

  1. Lovehoney Wild Desire Black Leopard Lace Chemise Set
Adjustable lovehoney lingerie
This style features adjustable hooks and shoulders

This chemise set features an adjustable hook and eye closure in the back with criss crossing lace across the breasts to enhance cleavage. The shoulder straps are adjustable to give you just the right fit to keep them in place.

The chemise covers the tummy with a sheer, curve hugging fabric while the underwire and plastic side bones support the breasts for added support. This set comes in sizes 4 to 20.

  1. Lovehoney Moonflower Purple Lace Strappy Basque Set
Moonflower purple lovehoney lingerie
If you have a soft spot for purple, the Moonflower purple is gorgeous

I just can’t resist anything purple so of course this set had my attention immediately. Two Adjustable stretchy satin straps around the middle of this set help to pull in, enhance and accentuate your curves.

The criss-crossing adjustable shoulder straps in back help to ensure the straps stay in place and don’t slip off the shoulder. The straps cross over in front pulling in and drawing attention to the bust line.

The 4 removable garter straps make it easy to add your favorite stockings for an even sexier look. Light and smooth enough to wear under clothing, this set would make a wonderful date night surprise and comes in sizes 4 to 20. 

  1. Dreamgirl Plus Size Secretary Teddy
body positive Lovehoney lingerie set
Another body positive Lovehoney lingerie set

Another body positive option, i think this set is too adorable to resist listing here. Featuring pin stripes with lace accents, this teddy pulls in all the trouble spots. The plunging neckline is sure to draw the eye to the bust line.

While the tie adds a fun touch to this outfit, it may not be quite practical. The good news is it’s removable.

It has a thong back, snap closure crotch and 4 garters so you can add your favorite stockings. This set comes with the collar and tie with a velcro closure and fake glasses to complete the look. Sure to inspire confidence you will be showing him who the boss is in no time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become more body positive?

We all look in the mirror and focus on what we see as flaws, it’s human nature. There are a few ways to help become more body positive. One is to remember that if you wouldn’t say it to your friends, you shouldn’t say it to yourself.

Another one, and one that I struggle with personally, is to learn to accept a compliment. When someone, especially your partner, tells you that they love the way you look or that you are beautiful, believe them. If you don’t have the body that you feel you should have right now, forgive yourself. We live in a culture that puts value on our bodies when in reality not many if any of us can live up to cultural expectations. 

Learn to love yourself. A vibrator can be a good way to start exploring your own body and learning to love yourself. If the idea of using a vibrator is new to you, you can read more here.

What is the right lingerie for me?

Selecting the right lingerie for you is a very personal choice. Personally, I like to find lingerie that helps minimize or take attention away from the areas of my body that I am not happy with. For example, my midsection is an area that I am uncomfortable with so I prefer lingerie that covers or pulls that area in.

I love my breasts so I also look for something that accentuates that area and enhances my cleavage. Something else I keep in mind is what the goal of the lingerie actually is. Do I want something that I feel sexy in that I can also sleep in or am I off to a romantic weekend with my partner? If it’s the latter, then I seek out things that fulfill his fantasies or accentuate parts of my body that I know he is attracted to.

Select the right fabric for you and your needs. For example, if you plan on sleeping in the lingerie you may want to avoid something with a lot of lace as it can itchy and drive you crazy.

In the end, if you can afford it, buy one to suit each of your needs. There are as many types and styles of lingerie as you have moods. Explore, experiment, and have fun! 

This article was written by our guest blogger Kathleen Bloom. Kathleen is a married bisexual transgender woman in her mid-50s who loves her 2 dogs and has a small shoe addiction. She is very comfortable in her sexuality and her pronouns are She/Her/Hers.