Sweet Vibes The Perfect Match Review

The Perfect Match Review | Is Sweet Vibes Rabbit Vibrator Perfect?

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The Perfect Match by Sweet Vibrations is a dual Rabbit vibrator, that can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot. 

The Perfect Match is incredibly flexible, super powerful (it made me climax very quickly) and very affordable vibrator (note that dual stimulator sex toys tend to be more expensive than single ones). All of the above is great, but there’s more! 

Sweet Vibrations also offers a lifetime warranty and, according to various reviews, many people agree that their customer service is great! 

Other products by Sweet Vibes include Sweet Vibes Tulips and Sweet Vibes Pixie. You can get an extra 10% discount on Sweet Vibes website with our code VANILLA10 (this code is not valid through other retailers).

Is the perfect match… hmmm… perfect? Well, yes, I am happy to give it 5 out 5! 

Our rating: 5 scoops of Vanilla

Sweet Vibes The Perfect Match Review 5 stars
Sweet Vibes The Perfect Match G Spot And Clit Vibrator

Sweet Vibes’ Perfect Match Pros and Cons Summary 

Pros are flexible, ergonomic design, affordable price, efficient (easy to orgasm) performance, waterproof, and lifetime warranty! 

I can’t think of too many cons – I’m giving it 5 stars after all. 

However, although not a deal breaker at all, I found some of the 10 settings to be very similar – I would prefer fewer settings (especially if they are a ‘repeat’ job). 

I can also imagine that power queens might think Perfect Match lacks a bit. Personally, I find the intensity just perfect… I can orgasm very easily, but not too quickly that I don’t have the time to enjoy ‘the ride’ that leads to climax.

What Alice says about The Perfect Match?

The Perfect Match is just amazing! 

My high score is very much performance related. The Perfect Match is capable of giving great orgasms that are intense yet gentle – all at a very reasonable price! 

After all, what’s better than a great vibe?

A great vibe at an affordable price!

I really cannot think of things that went wrong.

The Perfect Match’s Performance

The Perfect Match delivered amazingly intense orgasms that were also gentle – when I say ‘gentle’, I don’t mean a ‘weak’ sensation at all – just an orgasm that is pain-free and yet VERY INTENSE. 

As a very Vanilla person with low pain tolerance, I struggle to enjoy sex toys that are borderline painful.

As per usual, it’s important to use Perfect Match (and any other vibrator for that matter) with lube. This will protect your skin and improve your experience with it. As a silicone toy, a water-based lube is recommended. 

Silicone-based lubes can damage toys that are made from silicone. 

Perfect Match’s Pricing and Lifetime Warranty 

Sweet Vibes’ Perfect Match is one of the most affordable rabbit vibrators around. You can also get an extra 10% discount on Sweet Vibes website with our exclusive code VANILLA10 (this code is not valid through other retailers).

Toys with dual vibrating tips are often more expensive than single-vibe ones. Finding a vibrator with dual-tips that won’t break the bank account balance is a big relief! 

The affordable price is great, but it doesn’t stop there. Sweet Vibes offers a lifetime warranty. Their customer service is great and operates under a ‘no-hassle’ policy. If your toy stops working (sex toys don’t last forever), just contact them and ask for a replacement. 

Perfect Match’s Shape and Design

While the shape and design seem pretty standard for a rabbit vibrator with clit + G spot stimulation functions, Perfect Match’s flexibility stands out – making it possible to bend and maneuver the toy until you reach the ideal spot. 

Everyone is different, and so is their vagina and clitoris anatomy. A flexible vibrator such as Sweet Vibe Perfect Match makes a huge difference. 

I also like that Perfect Match is a one-button toy. You hold it for a few seconds to turn it on/off and you press the button to change settings. When turned on, it will be on the same setting as when turned off for the last time. 

Perfect Match comes in pink and purple. 

Material and Care

Perfect Match is made from medical-grade silicone. While the toy itself is flexible and feels soft on the skin, the silicone provides a firm non-porous outer layer – super easy to clean. 

As a waterproof sex toy, a quick wash with soapy water will get your toy clean and free of body fluids. It’s also important to thoroughly dry the toy afterward. Remember bacteria love a damp objective as their breeding ground. Drying is as important as washing. 

Size and Handling

Sweet Vibes Perfect Match is 7 inches long. 

Intensity and Patterns

There are 10 settings to choose from! While I tend to prefer sex toys with less options (some settings are so similar to each other), it’s not a deal breaker at all. 

The perfect match is a rechargeable rabbit vibrator
The Perfect Match by Sweet Vibes is USB Rechargeable


The Perfect Match comes with a USB rechargeable battery. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge this toy. You should get about 2 hours of uninterrupted playtime with it – I only needed a fraction of that to climax. 


As far as dual vibrators go, I found The Perfect Match to be as quiet as you can get. 

Under a blanket and with doors closed, I feel pretty safe using it.  

Final Thoughts on Sweet Vibes Perfect Match

Sweet Vibes The Perfect Match is a rabbit vibrator we highly recommend. It delivers powerful orgasms, is very very affordable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Our rating: 5 scoops of Vanilla

Sweet Vibes The Perfect Match Review 5 stars