Sweet Vibrations Tulips Review

Sweet Vibrations Tulips Review: Sweet Vibes For Your Two Lips

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Who is the Sweet Vibrations Tulips for?

We’d recommend the Sweet Vibrations Tulips if you are looking for an external sex toy dedicated to clit and vulva stimulation. If you are keen to try something that is not your typical phallic shape, this is your baby!

This (computer) mouse-looking toy is designed for far-reaching pleasure that goes beyond the clit, including your two lips. The shape makes it very easy to handle and to keep in place. The soft silicone is very gentle on the skin – lube is always recommended though. I believe this a gentle to medium intensity toy – not quite a power tool.

Sweet Vibrations Tulips Review
Sweet Vibrations Tulips – vibrator or computer mouse?

The Tulips vibrator is great for foreplay with a partner and for ‘slow crescendo’ pleasure, rather than ‘give me an orgasm now’. Couples can also use this during penetrative sex for that added external pleasure.

Our Rating: 3.5 Scoops of Vanilla!

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

What Alice says about the Sweet Vibrations Tulips…

I’m always intrigued by sex toys with unique designs that are a little bit different from your usual phallic/bullet shape! The Sweet Vibrations Tulips certainly falls into that category and I was keen to find out what this product could offer to my own two lips and my clit.

About the Sweet Vibrations Tulips


This is certainly not the most powerful toy on the market! If you’re after intensity and fast orgasms, this toy may disappoint a little. But it certainly did not disappoint me. The more gentle sensation allows a prologued foreplay before climax, which did happen in my case. It is also a great toy to start with, in the lead up to more powerful ones such as the Bed Geek Wand Massager.


Tulips Vibrator showing how it fits your two lips
The Tulips vibrator has ridges that are designed to wrap around your ‘two lips’

As mentioned, the shape is really unique and unconventional for a sex toy. After reading a few reviews of people saying how the shape felt wrong for their body, I was a little apprehensive about it. “Will it fit my vulva like a pair of gloves on my hands?” Well, it mostly did.

The ridges did not fall perfectly around my clitoris as I was hoping. I also found this toy more effective when subtly moved around – initially, I was under the impression it was a more ‘set and forget’ type of device. Nevertheless, between subtle movements and the diffuse sensation, it guarantees vibrations get where they need to. Obviously, we are all different and the shape of the Sweet Vibrations Tulips worked well for my body shape.


This toy fall in the low to middle of the range. Most people won’t need a new loan to buy it, but we can’t say it’s a budget option either. However, considering its quality material and unique design, it is a great value for money. Sweet Vibrations also offers a ‘stress-free forever warranty‘ on their products and, although I have never contacted them directly, reviews show that their customer service is excellent – quick email response, no-hassle replacements, etc.

Material and Care

This toy is made with super soft silicone and feels great on the skin! Lubricant is still highly recommended. Indeed, due to my prolonged use of this toy, I had to reapply lube a few times. There is nothing more unpleasant than aching skin. The Sweet Vibrations Tulips is also waterproof and easy to clean.


There are 5 intensities to choose from and 10 vibration patterns. As opposed to the more powerful toys that make my climax even on their lowest intensity level, I used Sweet Vibrations Tulips up to its highest intensity. The patterns are the usual ones, not very different from other products on the market. The buttons can be a little tricky to handle, which is not unusual for a small size device.


This toy is reasonably quiet!

Jack's Sound Testing Lab
I tested the lowest and highest intensity settings of the Tulips vibrator:

Min: 35 dB
Max: 46 dB

On its lowest setting, this is one of the quitest toys we have tried. On the highest setting, however, this is a moderatly noisy toy. Certainly not the loudest, but still quiet audible. The sound is very reminiscent of a cellphone ringing on vibrate mode.

For the curious, you can listen to what the Sweet Vibrations Tulips modes and intensities sound like:

Size and Handling

I love it when pleasure comes in an ergonomically mindful shape! And this toy ticks that box very easily. The shape is similar to a computer mouse! It is incredibly comfortable to handle, which is important due to the amount of time and maneuvering it took me to climax.


Tulip vibrator - how to charge
How to charge the Tulips Vibrator – simply plug it in and charge via the supplied USB cable

The Sweet Vibrations Tulips comes with a rechargeable USB cable. You don’t need to worry about buying anything else. Just plug it in for your first use and you should be able to have 2 hours of uninterrupted fun.

Other highlights

As a small, reasonably quiet toy that is easy to clean, and very discreetly shaped, the Sweet Vibrations Tulips is an ideal travel companion!

What Jack Says About the Sweet Vibrations Tulips

Sweet lips adult toy - the Tulips from Sweet Vibrations
What’s in the box

I actually found the Sweet Vibrations Tulips vibrator to be one of the more difficult toys to maneuver, as a partner. The shape is very ‘organic’ and it fits snugly against your partner’s vulva. But this also makes it difficult to really grab onto if you want to move it – particularly if you happen to have been liberal with the lube! So, I think this toy works best if you’re happy to ‘set and forget’, or provide a little gentle back and forth.

Another usability issue is that there is no way to press the intensity and mode buttons without either pulling the toy off your partner’s body or pushing the toy firmly into your partner. With the Tulips, I think you really want to put it on a favored setting and not adjust it. Oh, and I also thought it was bit strange that when you turn the Tulips on, it doesn’t seem to start in its lowest intensity setting. No big deal, but something to be aware of.

Final Words on the Sweet Vibrations Tulips

Overall, the Sweet Vibrations Tulips is a good quality external toy for clit and labia stimulation if you are after a moderate intensity device. It is a suitable toy for individuals with clitoris and labia for solo or couples use.

Our Rating: 3.5 Scoops of Vanilla!

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Sweet Vibrations Tulips do?

The Sweet Vibrations Tulips is an external sex toy providing stimulation to the clitoris and the labia (or the two lips).

Is the Sweet Vibrations Tulips waterproof?

Yes, the Tulips is waterproof.

Does the Sweet Vibrations Tulips suck, vibrate, or both?

The Tulips is a vibrator. There is no sucking mechanism in this toy.

Can the Sweet Vibrations Tulips be used for penetration?

The Sweet Vibrations Tulips is designed for external use.

How long is the warranty for the Sweet Vibrations Tulips?

Sweet Vibrations offers a “stress-free forever warranty”.