Dame Kip Review Clit Stimulator

Dame Kip Review | Lipstick Inspired Clit Stimulator

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Who is Dame Kip for?

Dame Kip is for those who are after a ‘bullet-style’ vibrator that can provide clitoral stimulation, and is small and ergonomic. It also makes for a great on-the-go travel sex toy.

But, don’t let the small size full you. This little lipstick-shaped vibrator can give you fabulous pinpoint orgasms (as well as gentle stimulation).

Check out all details in the review below! 

For the purpose of this review, I was gifted this sex toy by the lovely people at XOX Toys. Dame Kip quickly and safely arrived at my doorstep in a discreet package!

Our rating: 4 scops of Vanilla

Dame Kip 4 stars rating

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What Alice says about Dame Kip?

I have always been a big fan of Dame. They are just a cool and modern company with a great ethos and customer service.

I am also a big fan of bullet-style vibrators – a plain simple device that provides rumbly clitoral stimulation. 

Dame Kip’s lipstick-inspired design also offers an innovative take with a cupped concave face paired with thin sharp edges that can provide a pinpoint sensation. 

I love how this toy can take me from gentle stimulation – with its concave top cupping my clit – to powerful ‘spot-on’ orgasms – when using the pointy edges. 

For such a small sized vibrator, the ability to give you very different stimulation is a big winner!

Dame Kip Small Bullet Vibrator

Dame Kip’s Performance

Dame’s sex toys tend to fall on the ‘gentle’ or ‘weak’ side of the vibe spectrum! In fact, I usually would not recommend them if you are into super powerful vibes!

But Kip is a bit of an exception here! 

I found its vibrations to be much more powerful than Dame Pom or Dame Zee. And… combined with the pinpoint edge, I was able to climax very quickly with Dame Kip – with Pom or Zee, you are there for the long-run before an orgasm hits your body! 

Shape and Design 

Dame calls Kip a ‘lipstick vibrator’. 

While there’s some resemblance with lipstick, the similarity is not as strikingly close as it is for We-Vibe Tango (another favorite of mine). 

That is not a bad thing though! Kip has a fantastic shape and design. It’s quite unique as a three-sided sex toy with a cupped top.

Most importantly, the design works both in terms of aesthetics and performance. 

Dame Kip comes in two colours and they are both stunning: lavender and yellow (lemon yellow, I should add). 

Size and Handling

Dame Kip is 3.75’’ (or 9.5 cm) long and about 1.5’’ (about 3.8 cm) wide. It’s pretty much as big as my palm. 

Dame Kip’s handling is incredibly comfortable! In fact, I think the handling is one of the highlights of this sex toy! 

Compared to classic bullet shapes with straight lines, Kip’s curves make the handling very ergonomically friendly. 

Dame Kip Is A Small Bullet Vibrator

Dame Kip’s Price

Dame Kip is not exactly the cheapest bullet vibrator around!

But for a USB-charging vibrator, with a three-year warranty, this sex toy offers excellent value for money! 

Kip’s Intensity and Patterns

Dame Kip has five intensity levels and five patterns. 

When you turn it on, it goes to the lowest intensity. The buttons are easy enough to find and press to change settings, but not too easy that you could accidentally do it!

Dame Kip also has a travel lock option.

Material and Care – Dame Kip is Fully Waterproof!

Dame Kip, just like other Dame sex toys, is made from medical-grade silicone and is super gentle on the skin.

Just like for any other pleasure, water-based lube is essential both to protect your skin and enhance your experience. 

The good news for bath and shower lovers is that Dame Kip is fully waterproof! 

Just like any other waterproof pleasure toy, cleaning is a breeze – a quick wash with soapy water followed by thorough drying does the trick. Easy Peasy! 


Dame Kip comes with a USB-rechargeable battery. There are also magnetic dots to connect the cable and make sure they stay in place. 

The run time for Dame Kip is 1.5 hours and a full charge will take about 2 hours. 

Dame Kip Comes With A Usb Charge


Dame is surprisingly quiet – probably as quiet as vibrators can go!

I normally only use vibrators when there’s no one else around (aside from my husband Jack), but Dame Kip is probably one that I would feel confident ‘using with closed doors ‘risking’ – behind closed doors, of course!

What does Jack say about Dame Kip?

After watching and helping Alice enjoy Dame Kip, Alice used this sex toy on me. It was an incredible sensation to feel it pressed against the perineum. The cupped shape almost seems like made for that spot. Combined with oral sex and hand stimulation – it was just magic!

Final Thoughts on Dame Kip

I am in love with Dame Kip! It is a great design, easy to handle and provides the versatility of switching from the cupped area to the pinpoint edge. More importantly, it is capable of great orgasms.

Although not the cheapest vibe on the market, it is great value for money with a warranty of 3 years!

Our rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla

Dame Kip 4 stars rating