Dame Pillo Review Vs Liberator Sex Wedge

Dame Pillo Review | + Dame Pillo vs. Liberator Wedge

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Dame Pillo, by Dame products, is a soft yet supportive pleasure wedge that assists you in various sex positions and helps you find the ideal angle with/without your partner. By day, it blends into your bedroom furniture, and by night, it lifts you to new sensual heights.

In this article, we will have an in-depth look at Dame Pillo and we will also check how it compares to Liberator sex wedge – a long-term industry leader in the sex furniture position aids space.

A Quick Look At the Dame Pillo

Dame Pillo has gradually won the hearts of many pleasure seekers over the past years.

It’s excellent for both foreplay and actual intercourse, and I can personally say that I was pleased with how it held up when I finally got to use it with Jack.

As you would expect from a (good) sex pillow, it holds you up without making your body sink into the wedge. That means you can comfortably and freely move your hips, legs and pelvic area.

If you have never tried a sex pillow before, I can share with you that I used to think these items were ‘unnecessary’ and ‘overpriced’… until I tried one! Sex wedges make sex more comfortable and they increase the possibilities – there are many sex positions that I would not be able to hold on to for long periods of time if unassisted by my pillow!

Let’s have a look at some details…

Dame Pillo Elevated Pelvic Area

1. How Big is Dame Pillo

The Dame Pillo has a ramp-like incline. It measures 15 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 7 inches tall at its highest point. The ‘longest’ side is curved, so the top appears like a semi-oval shape.

Though tiny at first look, it can support most ‘standard’ body types at its widest section. 

We also found the small size convenient for storage and easy to move around.

2. Pillo’s Material & Design 

The Dame Pillo’s foam is covered by a 100% cotton outer shell and an inside liner made of water-resistant nylon. (Yippee!)

The cotton foam enables you to sleep comfortably, provides firm support, and is odor free.

Moreover, the nylon and cotton cover are machine-washable, making cleaning easy afterwards.

Dame Pillo comes in navy blue only.

That said…

The Dame Pillo also features handles on either side of the wedge for ease of movement around the bedroom. I find this feature one of the most useful ones for intercourse. My husband Jack also found the handle straps very convenient when performing ‘from-the-back’ positions as he could fasten his body on mine more comfortably, which helped deliver powerful thrusts. 

3. Performance (Hit or Miss?!)

Pillo can make the rider bounce more easily by lifting the receiver’s bum for a more seamless humping. 

We also appreciate that the Dame Pillo helps to prop up the clit accurately and prevents your partner from getting neck cramps when giving fellatio.

The good news is that this Dame wedge is also incredibly beneficial for tribbing (for same-sex couples). This is where one rubs her vulva against another body area, such as the thigh or another vulva.

Apart from the above, we also enjoyed spooning, Missionary, and loads of other approaches that Jack and I had never thought of before.

4. Is Dame Comfortable? 

The Dame Pillo supported my partner and me in almost every familiar sex position thanks to its sturdy yet comfortable foam material. 

We also loved that it helped support our limbs in those (otherwise) hard-to-hold positions. 

I personally enjoyed oral sex and solo masturbation more from Pillo’s lift and was so happy that we could go on and on without straining our hips and necks.

5. Price

Sex pillows are a bit of an investment. Dame Pillo is no different! You are likely to find it for just under $100 – which is similar to a lot of sex toys on the market.

On the other hand, any good quality pillow made from firm foam is probably about the same price.

6. Cleaning & Storage

The Dame Pillo is pretty easy to wash and clean. 

I recommend lint-rolling the wedge after cleaning to remove hairs that might still cling onto the fabrics afterward.

And when it comes to storing…

The Dame Pillo is a master of disguise and will blend perfectly with your home accessories. 

It can be stored inside a closet or tucked inside your bedsheets alongside the other pillows, and no one can suspect anything. 

And given that we have kids, this is a huge relief…

Liberator Sex Wedge Firm Foam Pillow In Blue

Dame Pillo Vs. Liberator Sex Wedge Comparison

Liberator has been an industry leader in the sex furniture and positional aids sector for a long time.

With an extensive range of sex couches, ramps, toy-mount pillows, and excellent customer reviews, it is no surprise that liberator is the go-to brand when it comes to sex pillows. 

When a new sex pillow by a different brand, such as Dame Pillo, comes on board, it’s inevitable to compare the pair! 

So, how do they differ? 

Let’s look at Dame Pillo vs. Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow (also considered their ‘basic’ model). Before we start, it’s worth keeping in mind that Liberator also produces ramps, couches and benches. However, we’ll keep this comparison focused on the Liberator Sex Wedge Pillow as it’s the closest model to Dame Pillo.

1. Size

Liberator’s wedge pillow comes in 2 sizes. The Liberator Wedge Regular, in inches, measures 14L x 24W x 7H, while the Plus-Size measures 14L x 30W x 7H.

The Pillo’s standard wedge measures 15L x 18W x 7H and is the only size on the market.

The availability of two size options gives Liberator an edge over the Dame Pillo as it accommodates more body types and sizes, and opens the gates to more experimentation. Liberator’s regular size is enough for my body weight of around 170 pounds. The same goes for Dame Pillo – both products handle my weight well.

Also, keep in mind that these pillows are not designed to support your whole body weight – more likely just the pelvic region.

2. Material & Design

The Liberator Wedge has a fully supportive poly cover that creates a smooth protective barrier under the microfiber shell, virtually impenetrable to elements such as moisture and salts.

This is great for me because, for some reason, I usually find myself sweating a lot when using the Liberator Wedge.

And just like the Pillo, you can easily achieve your preferred sexual positions without getting worn out because of the wedge’s slope, angle, and firmness.

With its high-density inner foam core, this sex wedge supports, lifts, and keeps your bodies connected while you experiment with missionary, from-behind, cowgirl, or oral sex positions.

This Liberator Wedge also pairs with other Liberator products like the Liberator Sex Ramp and Liberator Lift and won’t move during sex. It comes in different colors or fabrics such as Microfiber Espresso, Amethyst, Flame, Sapphire, and Midnight.

On the other hand…

The Dame Pillo comes in just one Indigo color but still blends well with most interior decorations. 

The included handles give it a mark over the Liberator because it enhances your grip in action and makes it easy to move around when changing positions or scenery.

3. Performance (Which is Better?!)

The Liberator Sex Wedge is an excellent sex pillow for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation. 

It might not be as easy to move around as the Dame Pillo, but it still provides a personalized sexual experience.

The two size options make the Liberator Wedge a perfect fit for people with slightly more body sizes. You just have to check your measurements and see which one between the Regular and Plus-Size is right for you.

On the other side of the tracks…

The Dame Pillo adds spice to several positions, including missionary, from-behind, spooning, and cow-girl. 

This wedge also raises the receiving partner’s hips and pelvis to an angle that makes deep penetration more comfortable and accessible.

The Dame wedge incorporates pleasure and comfort thanks to the ingenious handle straps fitted on either side that you can use for bracing or finding a nice pivot (like Jack does).

And on top of that…

I also find the Pillo useful when doing back-stretching yoga to help relax your muscles after a long day or night.

All said and done… 

The Dame Pillo would be an excellent fit for people with average body sizes who want to kick things up a notch higher in the bed. 

Liberator Sex Furniture Supports Pelvis Elevation

4. Comfort

The Liberator and Dame Pillo can be used in various ways to improve your lovemaking sessions and will not cause allergies when using them, thanks to their hypoallergenic materials.

You can place either beneath the knees as a fulcrum to enhance leverage when thrusting.

Or, you can tuck them under your partner’s lower back for more lift, access, and support to extend your oral sex sessions and lessen the ache in your neck.

I personally feel that the Pillo is a bit firm to be used for napping, as some marketers would want you to believe, and the Liberator Wedge’s somewhat sharp edges exclude it from this purpose too.

Still, the Pillo is quite comfortable, and unlike the Wedge, I don’t have to worry about sweating while using it.

5. Price

Both products have similar pricing of around $100. So, price is unlikely to be a deciding factor when choosing between Pillo or Liberator.

6. Cleaning & Storage

The Liberator Wedge and the Dame Pillo covers are removable and machine-washable, making cleaning a sure breeze.

Owing to its relatively bigger size (even for the Regular), you can only store the Liberator Wedge under your bed or in the bedroom wardrobe if you want to keep its existence hush-hush.

The Dame Pillo is smaller and can be easily blended with the other bedroom pillows as decor. It also has more rounded edges, giving it a discreet outlook even to some of the most trained adult eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Why is My Pillo Having A Funky Smell?

Your Pillo may sometimes have a funky smell resulting from the foam-making process.

When making foam, the material is expanded with gas, and extremely fresh foam may require a little extra time for the gas to disappear.

To counter this…

You should remove Pillo’s outer and inner covers and air the foam for a day away from direct sunlight.

The other reason might be that you may have exposed the foam to moisture when cleaning the outer covers, resulting in a mold infestation.

If this is the case, you’ll need to clean, disinfect, and air-dry the foam before reusing it to prevent skin irritations. 

2.   Do I Really Need a Sex Pillow?

Of course, sex without a sex pillow is possible and is often great! But… a sex pillow is a well worth investment!

The main purpose of a sex pillow is to increase your comfort during sex-related activities while preventing/reducing pain. They help by adjusting your position, angle, and ultimately the depth of penetration you give/receive.

Sex pillows also provide a wider range of motion than you could do on your own, support your hips and back, and lessen pressure on joints.

They help women have pain-free sex and the opportunity to explore different positions as couples. Some come with a wide range of loops and attachments made for bondage and other forms of kink play to safely and efficiently address that problem.

3.   What Should I Look Out for When Buying a Sex Pillow?

Order a pillow that will be as firm or soft as you require because pillows range in firmness.

For the best results, you should consult your doctor or a sex therapist about the size and design of the pillow that will be most useful for you. (Especially if you use it to treat pain or a medical condition)

Also, know that certain pillow stuffing irritates and triggers allergy responses in some people. That’s why you should be keen on the materials used before buying.

Also, make a habit of buying such products from their official sites or trusted suppliers with legit return policies in case the product doesn’t turn out as you’d hoped.