Fleshlight Heavenly Review

Fleshlight Heavenly Review: Is This Male Masturbator Worth it?

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Fleshlight Heavenly is an effective male masturbator that can provide all the right sensations.

My lovely wife Alice gifted me the Fleshlight Heavenly as a ‘farewell’ present before she traveled abroad to spend a month with her parents.

This bestselling Fleshlight is molded to resemble a woman’s vagina and anal orifice. To be honest, I personally find it hard to see much human resemblance, but no doubt this is an effective machine that can assist people with penis during masturbation. It’s also nice to have an alternative to a more traditional no-toys handjob.

Divided into four distinct sections, the sleeve’s interior canal packs some of the most detailed textures you’ll ever interact with in a sex toy.

I mostly have good things to say about it. I mean… 

It hugged my penis with just the right amount of grip to make me comfortably thrust.

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In this Fleshlight Heavenly review, I will go through its performance, design, price, care, etc as we find out what makes her the #1 people’s choice.

My rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla!

Fleshlight 4 stars rating
Jack Holding The Fleshlight

1. Fleshlight Heavenly Performance

The first thing you’ll notice upon your first entry is Heavenly’s multiple chambers, creatively designed to stimulate your penis.

It boasts exciting patterns and bumps, textured into ribs, beads, and windings, made specially to add a wonderful flavor to your pumps.

I enjoyed the stroking, whether it was Alice (once she was back in the scene) or I doing it.

Once you give in to this sensual thrill collage, you’ll first encounter a small bumpy chamber, followed by a larger tunnel, a super tight canal, and, finally, the cagy section that stimulates the tip.

It has all the right bells and whistles, as you can see.

Heavenly is 9 inches deep and will handle most large guys well. 

And, oh! Here’s a little trick I discovered…

For that heavenly experience, warm your Fleshlight first in heated water before starting. This adds comfort and realism to the sensation, making it feel real.

Be sure to douse your Fleshlight with a generous amount of lube, and you’ll be set for the best solo play money can buy.

2. Fleshlight Heavenly’s Design

The Heavenly male masturbator is made of hypoallergenic SuperSkin material (patented) that makes the toy’s lips almost life-like to the touch while keeping allergies out of the equation.

It’s also built with waterproofing capabilities, so you can carry it into your bathtub, pool, or shower whenever you want.

That said…

The Heavenly’s discreet body is an award-winning design that will blend in with your luggage, keeping your business to yourself.

On the other hand…

Since girth and length are key factors in the construction of any male masturbator, the Fleshlight Heavenly doesn’t disappoint.

What are its dimensions? 

With a varying thickness of between 0.25”0.7” along the 9.7” long sleeve, the Heavenly gives you varying grips and tightness, which only adds to the thrusting excitement.

You’ll hit the jackpot between the 5-8 inches length. 

If you are not hung past the 5-inch mark, then I’m sorry; this sleeve might not be for you.

3. Storage

Masturbators like the Fleshlight Heavenly are personal accessories that should be tucked away. 

If you leave them hanging around the place, then dust, bacteria, and other muck might build on them. This can lead to severe infections down the line if you use them.

For this reason alone, I always have a soft spot for sex toys that include a storage pouch in their packaging. It makes life in the bedroom very easy.


Since this particular Fleshlight doesn’t include a storage case, it loses out on a few points from me.

Still, finding a small pouch, an old shoe box, or even a clean cloth to wrap it is an easy task and no doubt a good idea.

Alternatively, you can buy the universal Fleshlight cover separately. It has a cap to cover it and looks like an actual flashlight. But, honestly, I would not bother.

Talk about hiding in plain sight, right?!

Fleshlight Heavenly Male Masturbator

4. Fleshlight Heavenly is low price

We have some good news if you are looking for a low-budget male masturbator!

You won’t have to rob a bank to afford the Fleshlight Heavenly. I know – that’s a relief – considering other male masturbators such as Lelo F1S V2, The Handy as well as other Fleshlight models can be a lot more expensive). 

If you value pleasure over money, then you won’t need to worry as she’ll give you an experience that’ll exceed your expectations. 

That’s a steal, IMO.

5. Cleaning the Fleshlight Sleeve

The Fleshlight Heavenly’s tight grip also comes with a downside.

It’s not the easiest to clean because the lotus nodes and ribs create space for gunk to build up.

But we always find a hack for everything, don’t we?

You can sort this out by inserting a finger inside the canal and clearing out the aftermath with a ‘come hither’ motion to leave it spick and span.

You can also rinse your Fleshlight by running a lot of clean warm (not hot!) water through it under a faucet since it’s waterproof.

There’s a disclaimer, though…

Avoid using soap while washing or cleaning your sleeve since some soaps (especially scented) may inspire allergic reactions. 

If you have to clean your stroker with anything other than water, you may use an approved sex toy cleaner, which also does the trick.

Just as important as cleaning is to let it dry thoroughly! Dampness is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria!

To dry it, you can leave it out to air dry, however, I recommend you find a clean cloth to insert through the Fleshlight’s canal to absorb the bulk of the water. That will speed up the drying process.

It is important for the toy to be fully dry before storing it.

6. Fleshlight’s Durability

Since it is manufactured from high-quality materials, Fleshlight Heavenly’s durability can’t be doubted. 

Her SuperSkin sleeve will serve you till kingdom come, but you also have to return the favor and take good care of her if you want a long-term relationship.

The outer casing is, again, made from durable plastic that has proven to withstand mild to moderate shocks resulting from drops, knocks, and pressure.

What are Some Benefits of the Fleshlight Heavenly?

Below are a few examples of what you can expect from the Fleshlight Heavenly:

  1.  Helps reduce stress levels. Masturbation can put you in a relaxed mood and even ease you into falling asleep.
  2. It helps men last longer in bed through constant practice to combat premature ejaculation. 
  3. Regularly stroking into the Fleshlight Heavenly improves your pelvic functions and builds up your prostate muscles, coming to the aid of men with erectile dysfunction.
  4. The stimulation offered by the Fleshlight Heavenly helps you maintain your erections for when you’ll need them the most.
  5. Lets you explore and satisfy your sensual perks while experiencing your fantasies more authentically.
  6. Satisfy yourself anywhere, anytime – because it’s portable – I mean…!

What Do You Look for When Choosing a Fleshlight?

1. Material

If you are a ‘what meets the eye’ person, you’d be glad to know Fleshlights come in a wide range of colors, all made of hypoallergenic SuperSkin sleeves.

Fleshlight Heavenly looks just as pleasant as it feels and will give one of the smoothest touches on the skin you’d imagine from a masturbation toy.

2. Your Girth and Length

When shopping for a Fleshlight, your comfort is paramount. That’s why it’s best to have your length and girth in mind, so you don’t get a sleeve that’s too tight – or short – for your pipe.

Most masturbation sleeves are mostly between 5-9 inches long and extra stretchy. 

However, if you are bigger, you can always go for open-ended sleeves like the Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, which has an open-ended canal.

3. The Fleshlight Orifice

Whether you want to try something new or stick to familiar faces, Fleshlight has plenty of options. 

You can delight your sensual nerves with anal or vaginal orifices or even both and have variety in your hands.

You can also go for the ingenious oral orifices that will give you some fantastic blowjob simulation.

So, is Fleshlight Heavenly Still Worth It?

The Fleshlight Heavenly is definitely worth every dime you can spare.

It comes with 2 great orifices that you can switch between when you want to escalate or tone down your imagination.

The SuperSkin sleeve adds a whole new magical vibe to your stroking game and delivers some amazing edging trips.

Above all other things, the Fleshlight Heavenly helps you practice your ejaculation maneuvers and even restores your sensual sensitivity after years of underbelly hand-strokes.

I think this is the best deal you’ll get for a quality manual male masturbator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Other Types of Fleshlights Exist?

Yes, other types of Fleshlights exist on the market. 

Like the Heavenly, there are other Fleshlights inspired by celebrity pornstars and molded in their honey pot’s honor (also available in vaginal and anal options).

For the heavily-endowed fellas, Fleshlight also has a range of open-ended sleeves like the Quickshot Vantage that take all your luggage without limiting your carriage capacity.

Which Lube Should I Use With the Fleshlight Heavenly?

The best lube to pair with your Fleshlight is a water-based lubricant.

Water-based lubes are universal and keep your stroker (and thrusts) in tip-top condition. 

Silicone and oil-based lubes are harder to clean and are known to leave stains when they spill onto fabrics.

What Type of Fleshlight Can You Recommend For People with a Small Penis?

For guys with relatively smaller members, I recommend you look for a Fleshlight Quickshot series. 

Another good example is the Fleshlight Flight Pilot, which has a 6-inch insertable length and is very portable.

All these models have unique internal textures that send sparks up your spine.

What are the Available Alternatives to Fleshlight Heavenly?

Fleshlights have always been the go-to stroker for men, but there are other alternatives with the same effect as the Fleshlight brand.

These include:

  • Lovense Max 2 Vibrating Male Masturbator with App – Best for pleasurable 360-degree vibrating massage.
  • Hummer Plus Ultimate Blow Job Male Masturbator – Best gear for jerking off 
  • Tenga Flip Zero – Best TPE manual stroker