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The Handy Review | Powerful masturbator making handjobs easy

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The Handy is a penis masturbator that does your handjob for you. In fact, according to the packaging, it is the “ultimate handjob machine”. I found The Handy is quite powerful and easy to use.

The Handy involves two pieces, a penis sleeve – you can use other types of sleeves, although not all are a good fit – and the actual stroking machine which connects to the sleeve with a velcro type of belt.

Disclaimer: The Handy was gifted to me for the purpose of writing this review. 

In a nutshell, I found The Handy quite efficient as a penis masturbator. It is capable of delivering powerful strokes and is pretty easy to use. For those who are into interactive technology, The Handy gets a big tick.

On the downside, The Handy is not exactly hands-free and requires an ongoing power supply – not exactly ideal if you are after a wireless sex toy. 

Overall, I was very happy with this toy due to its efficiency and lightweight. 

Our rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla

The Handy 4 stars rating

What Jack says about The Handy

The Handy has two components: one is a cylinder-shaped machine, the other is a detachable penis pocket made with thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) – which feels incredibly soft and malleable. Both components are connected via a velcro belt.

The Handy Engine And Penis Sleeve
The Handy’s cylinder-shaped engine, penis sleeve and power cord.

The penis sleeve can be replaced with others from different brands, provided they are not too big – the velcro belt may not be big enough. It is also a dual-side sleeve – you can choose between the ‘textured’ side or the ‘plain’ side.

The Handy’s Performance

The Handy was created with the purpose of giving you handless handjobs. 

If you’d asked me whether The Handy is like a real handjob, my answer is no, mostly not. Although the stroking movement does resemble that of a handjob, The Handy can give you far more powerful strokes than human hand movement. The number of strokes per second is ridiculously high when you increase the speed. The Handy also provides a variety of stroke lengths. 

When I heard about the ‘handless’ feature, I was really excited about it. Well, I was a little disappointed here! The Handy is not entirely hands-free – at least, not literally. The cylinder-shaped component of the toy needs to be held – so I did use my hands in the end. 

It is true that you won’t need your hand in order to do the actual handjob for you. So, I guess for those who have limited hand mobility, The Handy still provides a certain level of access. 

I would love to see a future version of this product that offers a truly hands-free experience – maybe that could be achieved with a wall-mount device or a sex pillow with a mount attachment. 

The Handy Porn Interaction Option

The Handy is also quite innovative as it has the ability to connect you to your favorite porn. This connection can happen via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or via their app – HandyConnect. For those who are tech-savvy (or have good tech intuition), the connection process should happen pretty smoothly, however, I can see that some people may have issues the first time connecting. 

Once you are hooked, it is pretty straightforward. You get horny watching your favorite porn, you get The Handy to do the job for you. 

Size and Handling of The Handy

The Handy Penis Sleeve Is Soft And Flexible
The Handy’s sleeve is soft, malleable and stretchy. It can be used on either side.

The insertable sleeve is 5’’ long (outside area). 

The Handy’s sleeve is super soft, malleable and can be significantly stretched – which comes handy (pun intended) when inserting your penis. 

The handling is pretty straightforward! You insert your penis there and press the on button. After that, all you have to do is relax and enjoy! 


Most penis masturbators do not fall into the ‘budget option’ category. The Handy is no exception here. No surprises, really.

Nevertheless, with the powerful engine, the detachable sleeve and the interactive functions – The Handy offers really good value for money. 

There are several male masturbators in the market that are priced way higher than The Handy. 

Material and Care

As mentioned before, The Handy has two components. The engine and the penis sleeve. The sleeve is made from super-soft TPE and can be detached from the engine – as such, it can safely be washed with water and soap!

The engine component is a different story. As an electrical appliance, it should not go anywhere near water. If it gets dirty, it should be unplugged and then wiped with a slightly damp cloth. 

Like any other sex toy, lube is highly recommended during use. In fact, the thought of that sleeve gripping my penis without a very decent amount of lube is deeply scary and mood-killing! 

The Handy Comes In Discreet Packaging
Inside The Handy’s box

Power Supply

The Handy requires an ongoing power supply. In other words, it is not a wireless toy and you will need to use it near a power outlet. 

The constant power supply has pros and cons. The cons are pretty obvious: it is less portable and you have to deal with the wire. If such features are important to you, The Handy might not be your thing! 

However, there are pros.

You won’t need to stress about charging and the engine is arguably way more powerful than similar rechargeable toys. It also means that this toy is relatively lighter. 

Intensity and Patterns

The Handy has adjustable stroke speed and adjustable stroke length. 

The length of the stroke can go up to an impressive 4.5’’ and the stroke speed can go up to an overwhelming 600 strokes per minute! Needless to say, that’s way more than my hands can do. 

My preferred speed was in the middle ground. 

The Handy’s Sound

This toy is surprisingly quiet, which is a welcome feature. 

Final Thoughts – The Handy

While there’s room for improvement, The Handy is an efficient male masturbator that gives you powerful orgasms in no time. If you don’t mind the electrical wire and the fact that you have to hold the device, this penis sleeve is worth being added to any sex toy collection.