Le Wand Review
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Le Wand Review: Does Size Matter?

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Who is Le Wand Massager For?

In a nutshell, we recommend Le Wand if you are after a sex toy with an extra long shaft, super flexible neck and a large (silicone) head, which translates into diffuse pleasure. Like other massagers, Le Wand is great for neck, shoulders and, of course, your clitoris.

Le Wand probably falls into the ‘powerful vibrator’ category. It got me to orgasm very quickly and I am pretty confident I am not alone. A good massager is a staple gadget. Everyone who is into sex toys – and if you are not yet, please try, it’s life-changing – should have a massager. There are a couple of cons too: the higher price tag and the weight. However, if these two aren’t a deal-breaker for you, Le Wand could be your next best friend. Below is our full Le Wand review. 

Our rating: 3.5 Scoops of Vanilla!

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

What Alice says about Le Wand?

When I first saw Le Wand, two things caught my attention. First, its size! It is a big sex toy!

The length was comparable to the distance between my elbow and my fingers. They also have a smaller version, called Le Wand Petite, which I have not tried yet.

The second thing is its striking similarity with the original Hitachi Magic Wand! Hitachi’s famous massager, originally intended to provide soothing to your neck and shoulders, became an iconic – although accidental – sex toy.

After that, many massagers have been introduced into the sex toy market. Le Wand is one of them: a proud sex-positive pleasure massager or magic wand. Hitachi (the company), on the other hand, went quiet and tried their best to rebrand the original Magic Wand.

You will find reviews that compare the two products, however, we will focus on Le Wand here. 

Le Wand Massager is a Powerful Vibrator

Le Wand’s Performance

Wow! This baby is powerful! It got me to climax very quickly and effortlessly – no wonder these things are called Magic Wand! The head is big and ‘flat’ enough at the top that there was no need for me to precisely place this device on my pleasure spots.

The neck is very flexible.  It delivers very diffuse vibes, which suits me – I like diffuse vs clitoral pinpoint stimulation. It also works a treat on shoulders and neck.

Le Wand is designed for external stimulation. While I understand that some people find pleasure in using very large things for penetration, I personally would keep Le Wand away from my vagina.  

Size and Handling – Le Wand is BIG!!!!

Did I mention this baby is big? Like really BIG!

It has a big shaft (total length is 13 in) and a big head (diameter is 2.25 in).

The flexible neck and the extended length make it easier and comfortable to reach my clitoris and vulva without having to stretch my arms. For an older person, not at the prime of their stretching abilities, that is definitely a plus.

The only downside here is the weight. At 3.14 lbs, it is not light and the comfort provided by its length gets, literally, outweighed by its heaviness, particularly when using this sex toy for longer periods of time. 


Le Wand is not a cheap sex toy. And it is also not a cheap massager either. If you are able to afford it, this wand is an excellent orgasmic gadget. 

Material and Care

Le Wand is USB Rechargeable

The shaft is made with top quality ABS plastic and the head is made with body-friendly silicone. As per manufacturing instructions and personal preference, I used this toy with silicone- friendly lube.

It felt quite soft on my skin, although I had to re-apply lube more often than usual. Le Wand is not waterproof, but can be easily cleaned with a cloth damped with silicone-friendly cleanser. 

Intensity and Patterns 

This vibrator has 10 intensities and 20 patterns to choose from. I certainly didn’t need a high speed to get me off. But power queens may make use of all speeds.

Le Wand is quite easy to operate with three buttons. I also found the buttons easy to spot and press, but not too easy to make me change the setting by accident. 


I wouldn’t use this device when my kids are at home. I can just see them knocking on the door and asking what is that buzzy noise coming from the bedroom.  

Jack's Sound Testing Lab
I tested the lowest and highest intensity settings of the Le Wand Massager:

Min: 40 dB
Max: 41 dB

There’s not much difference! It’s certainly not a quiet sex toy on the lowest setting, which isn’t surprising, given the size and power. However, it’s surprisingly quiet at higher intensities.

For the curious, you can listen to the 10 intensities of the Le Wand:

Since there are so many different vibration patterns (20!), I also recorded all of those for the curious:

Shape and Design

This toy has a classic wand shape, but bigger, much bigger – although they have a petite version. The flexible neck connecting shaft and head is a wonderful feature which increases the possibilities and angles for this sex toy. Although not an innovative design, it certainly is an attractive looking massager.

Le Wand comes with a pouch for easy storage and transportation. Although not the most travel-friendly vibrator (due to its size), it does have a travel lock option. 


This is a USB rechargeable battery type of toy. Full charge takes approximately three hours and the battery life goes up to three hours!  

Other Considerations

Massagers are quintessential clitorial stimulation vibrators. If the high price and the heavier than usual weight are not a problem for you, Le Wand is a great option for your clitoris. 

What Jack Says About Le Wand

It is always beautiful to see Alice climaxing and Le Wand delivered that quickly and intensely. The length and flexible neck made it easier for me to get to her clitoris without bending my body.

As a partner, I believe Le Wand  is one of the most comfortable toys to operate. It is a great vibrator for couples. The buttons were easy to find and to press when I needed to change settings, but not once I accidentally changed the setting – which can be extremely annoying when uncalled for!

Final Thoughts on the Le Wand Massager

Overall, the Le Wand Massager is a stylish, easy to use and very powerful magic wand. If you can aford it, it would make a great addition to any sex toy collection and due to its ease of use, it’s also perfect as a first-time vibrator.

Our rating: 3.5 Scoops of Vanilla!

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)


Is Le Wand waterproof?

No! It can be easily cleaned with a silicone-friendly cleanser and a cloth, but, as per user’s guide, keep Le Wand away from water. 

Can I get a smaller version of Le Wand?

If the big size vibrator is not your thing, but you think you might like Le Wand, we recommend you have a look at Le Wand Grand Bullet – which is a 5 inches very powerful vibrator. 

How to use a wand vibrator?

Wand massagers are very simple and straightforward. You just need to place the head of the massager on the spot you would like to stimulate. This simple design and easy-to-operate feature make wand massagers a great type of vibrator for beginners.