Best vibrators for couples

Best Vibrators For Couples: Sharing the Good Vibes

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We’ve found the best overall vibrator for couples to be the Pom by Dame Products. It has an innovative design and plenty of power. The shape and flexibility mean that it should suit pretty much everyone. We also loved the We-Vibe Chorus and its squeezable remote! Check out our other top picks in more detail below!

Best vibrators for couples to use during sex

Our Top Picks for Vibrators For Couples

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Best Vibrators For Couples

Finding a vibrator that works for you and your partner isn’t as easy as you might think. I have a box full of sex toys that didn’t do what they were supposed to! There are some vibes, though, that do exactly what they’re supposed to, and more! Making sex with your partner even more exciting, and full of new sensations. 

Best Overall – Dame Pom

Pom - Jade

A powerful and flexible vibe, uniquely shaped to hit all of your buttons!

Dame’s Pom is one of the most unique vibrators on the market. It’s great for solo pleasure, but, it also makes a very interesting vibrator for couples as well. There’s a huge number of pros when it comes to this sex toy. The first is its shape. It’s perfectly designed for clitoral stimulation, so your orgasm is even more intense. 

It’s great for couples because it’s so flexible. The Pom can actually bend in half, which means that you can move it into just the right position for you, no matter which sexual position you’re trying. 

This vibe is also made from medical grade silicone, so it’s body-safe and soft. It’s waterproof and has a USB charger. It has five vibration patterns and five intensities. It’s very quiet and packs quite the punch. Controlling the Pom is super simple. It has up/down buttons to cycle through its programs. 

It’s actually pretty much the perfect vibrator and one of the best sex toys around. The only downside to it is that it isn’t exactly handsfree. Depending on which position you’re in, you may need to hold it in place.

Best for G-Spot And Clitoral Stimulation – We-Vibe Chorus App And Remote Control Couples Vibrator

We-Vibe Chorus Adjustable Couples Vibrator with Squeeze Remote Control & Pairing App USB Rechargeable Waterproof Vibrating Toy with Charging Case | Purple with Lube

The We-Vibe Chorus is fantastic for giving you one of the most intense orgasms ever. It can be used during sex, as your partner’s penis slides in underneath it, giving both of you new sensations. However, it could also be used solo, with either you or your partner having control of the app or remote control. 

Here’s the major high points of this sex toy. It’s adjustable in two places, so you can alter the shape so it suits your body more naturally. It’s made from silicone, making it body-safe, and soft to the touch. It also has good battery power. A full charge gives around 90 minutes of play. 

We-Vibe is renowned for their powerful motors, and the Chorus is no exception. It produces some incredible vibrations that will make you feel amazing, but as it can be used during sex, the vibrations will also stimulate your partner. Despite the power of the motor, it’s very quiet, so you don’t need to worry about being rumbled!

The most innovative thing about the Chorus is the remote control. It has the usual buttons, but it’s also squeezable. You can control the intensity of the vibrations by how you squeeze the remote.

There are very few negatives about the We-Vibe Chorus. In fact, the only negative would be that it can sometimes shift out of place, so will need to be readjusted. Some people have also said that it isn’t as hands-free as they would like it to be. Having said that, if you wanted to use it for foreplay, wear a pair of tight-fitting underwear to hold it in place.

Best Budget Option – Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring

Twin cock rings, and a textured surface for wonderful sensations on a budget.

The Tracey Cox Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring brings so much to the table. It has features that are designed for your pleasure, and features designed for his pleasure. It’s also not going to break the bank. 

There are a few major positives with this vibrating cock ring. It’s made from silicone, so it’s soft, comfortable, and transmits the vibrations well. It has a bullet vibrator, held in the silicone body which is also textured to give you even more pleasure. 

The huge positive about the Supersex Twin Vibrating Love Ring for your partner is the functionality of the cock ring. It has two rings, and not one. The smaller ring fits around the base of the penis, while the second, larger ring sits around the balls. I’m told that the twin rings create an incredible sensation of just the right pressure and pleasure. 

There are some drawbacks to this vibrating love ring. The bullet vibrator is a pretty basic model. It’s a simple on/off button, which also means that it has one speed. The bullet is a battery-operated vibe too, so you will need the right size batteries for use. It’s also not the most powerful motor, but the textured surface does help send waves of pleasure through you. 

If the bullet isn’t powerful enough for you, you can swap it out for a more powerful model of the same size. 

Best for Versatility – Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3

Satisfyer Partner MultiFun 3 Multi-Use Vibrator for Singles & Couples - Clitoral and G-Spot, Male & Female Stimulation, Waterproof, Rechargeable - 29+ Use Applications (Blue)

Versatile vibrator for couples, with multiple potential uses and positions, and an astonishing 3 motors!

The Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3 is an extremely versatile sex toy, with over 32 different possible ways to use it. It has two flexible prongs and a shaft, and there’s a motor in each of them, so 3 motors in total. The head can be rotated as well, so you can adapt it to suit you and your body. 

The extremely adaptable Multifun 3 can be added to your sex life in a variety of ways. You can use it to increase the intensity of your orgasm by using it as a clit stimulator, or as a G-Spot vibe. But you can also use it as a stroker or testicle tickler for your partner. 

Each of the three motors has 10 vibration patterns and can be used independently. This means that there are so many different possible combinations of pleasure for you to try! It’s made from body-safe silicone, so it’s soft to touch and comfortable to use. It’s also waterproof rated IPX7, which means it’s waterproof up to a meter for 30 minutes. 

If there are any drawbacks to the Multifun 3, it’s probably that you have to push 2 buttons to get it to turn off completely, which can be a little frustrating when you’re lying in the afterglow of a great orgasm. 

Best for Body Wand – Original Magic Wand by Vibratex

Original Magic Wand by Vibratex with IntiMD Trigger Pin Point Attachment

The Original Magic Wand by Vibratex is a great wand for anyone looking for great vibrations and incredible power. It has both making it one of the best sex toys around! It is also fantastic for shoulder and neck massages!

This magic wand has quite a slimline design, and the head has a smooth vinyl covering. The smooth vinyl is soft and comfortable, and really makes you feel the power of the vibrations with amazing sensations. There’s also some flexibility so you can manipulate the wand into the perfect position. 

The Original Magic Wand has incredibly simple controls – the switch has just three settings: OFF, Low and High. Even the low vibration setting feels more powerful than a regular vibrator, so take some time to figure out what you like. 

It’s very nearly a perfect wand, but there are two potential pitfalls. Firstly, it’s mains operated, so it has a 72” cord and it does need to be plugged in at all times. However, this is also one of the reasons why it’s so powerful. Secondly, you’ll need to take extra care when cleaning it. There are some areas that will need a little more attention.

If you’re looking for a cordless option, we highly recommend the Le Wand Massager – it’s still plenty powerful, but it’s also very stylish and the lack of a cord is handy when things get, ahem, active… Le Wand is not exactly a budget sex toy, but if you can afford it, it is worth considering! To learn more about wands, check our dedicated article here.

LE WAND - Rechargeable 10-Speed Vibrating Wand Massager, Pearl White (2.45 Inches x 7.69 Inches)

What to Consider When Buying A Vibrator For You And Him


Usability should be the most important factor when you’re choosing a vibrator – any vibrator, not just one to use during sex! It’s frustrating to have spent your money on something, and have to relegate it to the ‘box of unused sex toys’. Read reviews before you buy, and pay attention to the more detailed reviews. Those are the ones that will tell you how usable any vibe is. 

The ease of use factors into this as well. If you prefer your vibrator to have simple buttons, then one with multiple buttons is not likely to set your world on fire. If you’re a highly techy person, then a vibrator with basic on/off function isn’t going to be your bag. Ease of use doesn’t mean simple. It really means look for something that fits in with you, and how you like to use things. 


When you’re buying a vibrator to use as a couple, you’ll need to consider what you want. Is it purely for your pleasure? Or is it to stimulate you both? How do you like to be touched, and what brings you to orgasm? What are your partner’s preferences?

Once you have the answers to those questions, you can start to consider the design and style of vibrators. If you get more pleasure from your clit, then choose a vibrator designed to do that. If you orgasm during penetrative sex, maybe a G-Spot vibe is for you. If you want your partner to feel the effects as well, look for one that will be able to intensify the sensations for you both. 

Vibration And Motor

You should also consider the vibration and motor of any vibrator you buy. There are a few parts to this:

The first thing you might want to think about is the noise. You might want a powerful, but quiet motor, especially if your house is anything like mine! You may want to find a vibe that is whisper quiet. 

Secondly, you’ll need to look at the vibration speeds and programs. If you like to change things up, look for a vibe with varying patterns. If that’s not really your thing, check out more simple vibes with fewer program options. 


Quality is super, super important. It’s so frustrating to buy a vibe, and find that the quality doesn’t match your expectations. Look for a well-made vibrator from a reputable manufacturer. Always look for body-safe materials, and make sure you know what lubes are suitable for use with the vibe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Lube? Which Lube Should I Use?

It’s always a good idea to use lube with any vibrator. It makes sex, and introducing a vibe so much easier, reduces the friction, and makes it more pleasurable for you. You should be aware of the material of your vibrator, and the kind of lube you’re using. 

You should never use a silicone-based lube with a silicone vibrator, as they will interact and degrade the material. A water-based lube is perfect for sex with just you and your partner, but it also works with many different vibrators too. 

Should I Choose Battery, USB, Or Mains Power?

It’s really up to you, and your preference. 


Battery vibrators tend to be among the most simple to use, and most are usually one on/off button. The downside is that they may not be as powerful as other vibes, and of course, you’ll need a supply of batteries in the right size. 


USB vibrators can be recharged. They’re often a bit more powerful than battery vibes, and tend to have more speed and program options. This can also mean that they have more buttons, or a control. 

Mains Power

Mains powered vibrators are usually some of the most powerful. They can give you mind-blowing orgasms. However, they need to be plugged into a socket for use, which can make them a little difficult to travel with. You’ll also need to check the length of the cable. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Vibrators?

At the very least, you need to clean your vibrators after you use them. It’s often better to clean them before you use them as well. You should also pay attention to how you’re storing your vibrators, as some materials can begin to degrade if they come into contact with each other. 

Will Using A Vibrator During Sex Hurt You Or Your Partner?

Generally speaking, no, it won’t. If it does hurt, or feel uncomfortable, then it might be that you aren’t lubricated enough. Or it could mean that that particular style and design of vibrator just isn’t for you. It might be too big, too powerful or just not right. If a vibe feels uncomfortable, go back to a more beginner-friendly vibrator, such as the Maude Vibe. You can try a bigger, or more complex one when you feel more comfortable with it, and when you’re better lubricated. 

How Long Will A Vibrator Last?

The answer to this depends very much on how well cared for it is, and how often it’s used. A well-cared-for vibe that is used often can last for a year or two. If you have a collection of vibrators and switch between them, you can find that your vibrators last a lot longer. It’s really all about how you care for them, and how well you keep them clean. 

How Do I Know If A Vibrator Is Waterproof?

There’s something a little romantic about sharing a bath or shower together. If this sounds like your thing, you’ll want to know that you can safely introduce a vibe to your water time. 

If your vibrator can be used in the shower or bath, it will be written on the packaging or on the user’s guide. Lucky for bath/shower lovers, there are many sex toys options that are waterproof! There will probably also be some sort of waterproof rating telling you what depth of water it can be used in and for how long. 

If your vibrator doesn’t have a waterproof rating, it may not actually be waterproof. It may be that it’s splash-proof, but shouldn’t be completely submerged in water. If you’re not sure if yours is suitable for quick bath-time sex, don’t risk it. Water and motors that really aren’t suitable for water do not mix well.

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