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Lelo Enigma Review | One toy, Double Pleasure

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Have you ever tried ‘dual’ sex? I have never tried dual sex with two partners – I am pretty Vanilla after all… However, I have tried – many times – penetration plus clit ‘sucking’ stimulation with two sex toys. I was hoping I would somehow achieve pleasure multiplied by two. 

lelo enigma sex toy
Lelo Enigma is a dual pleasure toy

Well, things did not go according to plan. Unless I had a partner helping me with handling one toy while I handled the other one, two toys for solo play get confusing and are not easy to handle! 

Now, Lelo’s two-in-one sex toy, Enigma, is the perfect solution for my problem! A few weeks ago, I was very lucky to be gifted this beautiful sex toy by Lelo for the purpose of this Lelo Enigma review.

Our rating

4.5 scoops of Vanilla for Lelo Enigma

lelo enigma 4 and half star rating

What does Alice say about Lelo Enigma?

Like many people with vulvas, clitoral stimulation is, for me, the easiest path to an orgasm, but that can get even more intense when clit pleasure gets intensified by internal stimulation. That is pretty much what happened with Lelo Enigma. 

Performance – Lelo Enigma is powerful stuff

This toy is pretty powerful! It really can wake your nerve cells up within seconds and transport you to the orgasm world! 

I must say I am not much of a power person and the G-spot-end’ of  Lelo Enigma is quite enjoyable as an external foreplay toy. I feel I am in control of how intense the toy performs – for less intense play, all I have to do is position it slightly far away from the clitoris. When I am ready I can move to powerful clit stimulation.   

A big bonus is its highly flexible neck. This U-shaped sex toy can be bent/straightened to best suit your body shape. I can’t recall a vibrator like this with such flexibility. As someone who enjoys the build up leading to the climax, the more vertical straight line was great for clitoral foreplay. 

Size and Handling – Enigma is very ergonomic

I think it’s fair to say that Lelo makes great ergonomic toys and Lelo Enigma is no different. As someone fastly approaching my fifties, a sex toy that my wrists feel comfortable with makes a huge difference.

Lelo is very comfortable to handle

As opposed to many (great) toys on the market, I can hold and handle Lelo Enigma for a much longer period of time before my hands and wrists feel sore. 


I often say that Lelo is the Rolls-Royce of sex toys. 

Far from being an affordable vibrator, Lelo Enigma is more like an investment, not everyone can afford it! However, if you are lucky enough to be able to make such an investment, Lelo Enigma has so many features that are well worth the money spent. 

If you cannot afford Lelo Enigma, which is totally understandable, you may consider the legendary Tracey Cox Dog. It is a similar shape and also very powerful, however it is not as flexible and soft as the Enigma. 

If you’re interested in budget options, check our guide to the best affordable vibrators.

Lelo Enigma’s Material and Care

Like many other Lelo products, the Enigma is made from top quality materials – a mix of super soft body-friendly silicone and ABS plastic. While lube is always recommended when using sex toys, this is as silky as you can get. 

Intensity and Patterns

The clit stimulation works by producing ‘sucking waves’. Like with many other toys, there’s a learning curve to Lelo Enigma. It was a bit of ‘trial and error’ until I found the perfect way to place it. Enigma’s G-spot side has eight patterns to choose from. As usual, my favorite is the continuous one. 

Shape and Design

If you are familiar with Lelo’s Sona Cruise, Lelo’s Enigma looks like Sona Cruise 2 ‘plus extension’.

Lelo Enigma, although not identical, looks like Lelo Sona Cruise 2 plus g-spot extension

Lelo’s design is always amazing and Enigma is no exception. Although beauty is not necessarily at the top of my priority list when choosing a sex toy, there’s no doubt Enigma is very appealing to the eye.

Like most Lelo products, Lelo Enigma has a three-button interface – making this sex-toy very user friendly. The buttons are easy enough to find during play, but not-too-easy that you risk accidentally pressing them. 


Despite being quite powerful, this vibrator is not terribly noisy! It is also important to point out that some settings are noisier than others.


Lelo Enigma is a cordless vibrator. It comes with a USB-rechargeable battery. Each charge lasts up to 2 hours – I only needed a fraction of that to reach climax! 

Personally, I like to recharge my toys’ battery after each use, however, with Lelo Enigma, you should expect a stand-by battery life of ninety days.

Lelo enigma comes with USB rechargeable battery
Lelo enigma comes with a USB rechargeable battery

Other Considerations about Lelo Enigma

One thing that I wish was slightly different would be the ability to switch off one engine when I am not using that side! I hope Lelo might consider this design upgrade for a future version.

Final Thoughts on Lelo Enigma 

I am glad Lelo Enigma is now part of my sex toy collection. Amazing design, top-grade materials and ergonomic handling make this a fantastic sex toy – if you can afford it. It is no secret that Lelo makes expensive toys. Are they worth it? You bet! 

Our rating:

4.5 scoops of Vanilla