Maude Spot Review

Maude Spot Review | G Spot Stimulator

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Maude has a new baby – a G-spot and P-spot vibrator called Maude Spot!

For many years, Maude has been an iconic sex-positive company. 

I am a big fan of Maude’s earlier vibrators, the Maude Vibe and the Maude Drop. While Vibe and Drop are designed for external use, Maude Spot is an internal vibe for G and P spots. 

Our rating: 3 ½  

three and half rating vanilla ice cream scoops
Maude Spot’s ProsMaude Spot’s Cons
Easy to handleNot efficient for clit orgasms (okay for foreplay)
Good length (8.31 inches)Not the most powerful
Simple controls (no fuss design)
Reasonably priced
Quality material

What does Alice say about Maude Spot?

It is no secret that I love Maude! Their products often present a simple but efficient design. Maude Vibe, their first vibrator, is easily one of my top favorites. Maude Drop comes pretty close to that. 

Did Maude Spot live up to that? 

To be honest, no! But I kind of knew this was going to happen to a vibrator that is all about internal stimulation (G and P spots). As someone who responds better to clit stimulators, I am likely to reach out for Maude Vibe and Maude Drop way more often.    

However, I can definitely see how G-spot fans will benefit from this long and easy to handle sex toy.  

Maude Spot Is A Long And Easy To Handle G Spot Vibrator

Maude Spot’s Performance | Great for the G, not so much for clits

Although not the most powerful G-spot vibrator around, Maude Spot is capable of delivering great internal stimulation as you maneuver it around. Maude Spot is so ergonomic and easy to handle! I really enjoyed changing directions and using it in different positions. 

When using Maude Spot externally as a clit stimulator, it disappoints a little! Although it does a good job as far as foreplay goes, it took a while for a clit orgasm to happen – meaning that the toy was getting borderline hot and I had to reapply lube multiple times to make sure my clit did not hurt. 

Said that Maude Spot is not designed or advertised by Maude as a clit stimulator. I wouldn’t recommend it for those who are after a vibrator that delivers powerful clit stimulation. 

Maude Spot Shape and Design

While there’s nothing particularly innovative about Spot’s shape and design – it’s very much like a classic G-spot vibrator, I think it works quite well for internal stimulation. Why add bells and whistles to something that has worked well for ages?

Maude Spot’s ‘pointy’ end (the area that delivers vibrations) is not pointy at all! It’s a round shape with a circumference that increases in size going up to 1.85 inches. 

Maude Spot comes in green, charcoal and grey (light grey).   

Size and Handling of Maude Spot

Maude Spot’s size and handling are just perfect!!!! 

In fact, it’s one of the most ergonomically comfortable toys I have ever held. The length and the curved neck make insertion a breeze and allow you to maneuver and change directions until you hit your sweet spot. 

At 8.31 inches, Maude Spot is pretty long and can go all the way up! It’s also pretty suitable for those who like squirting.


Maude is well-known for producing reasonably priced vibrators, particularly when you consider their high quality! 

Maude Spot is priced under $80, which places it into a ‘middle-of-the-range’ price category. Considering the quality of this vibe, this is a very affordable sex toy. 

Material and Care

Maude Spot, similar to other Maude products, is made with 100% platinum-grade silicone – the same as Maude Vibe, Drop and, Maude’s butt plug, Cone. 

The material feels incredibly gentle on the skin – with lube being an essential addition during Spot’s use.

As a water-resistant vibrator, Maude Spot can be cleaned with soapy water. However, it is not recommended to have it fully submerged in water. 

Maude Spot is latex free and hence suitable for people allergic to latex. 

Maude Spot comes with a travel and storage pouch, making it easy to keep it dust-free.

Maude Spot With Pouch And Usb Charging Cable

Intensity and Patterns

Maude Spot is a five-speed vibrator and has one single pattern. Maude is well-known for being a ‘minimalist’ company – it’s no surprise that you won’t see different patterns.

Personally, I have many vibrators with loads of ‘interesting’ patterns that never get used. 

I certainly love Maude’s minimalist approach and its culling of the unnecessary. 


Maude Spot is quite noisy! Not that is a dealbreaker, it just means I won’t use it when the kids are in the house! Which pretty much applies to most sex toys! 

Battery and Charging 

Maude Spot is a cordless vibrator and comes with a USB charging cable. It will take about 2 hours for a full charge and you can use it up for around 1 to 1.5 hour before it needs to be recharged. 

Similar to cell phone batteries, Maude Spot runs on a lithium-ion and, with time, it’s expected that the battery will ‘drain’. In order to maximize the battery’s lifespan, it’s recommended to recharge after every use. 

Final Verdict on Maude Spot

If you are after a vibrator for G-spot stimulation, Maude Spot is a great choice. It’s comfortable to handle, easy to use and reasonably priced. 

Our rating: 3 ½ 

three and half rating vanilla ice cream scoops

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Maude Spot?

You can order Maude Spot directly from Maude

Attention: Maude products get sold out very quickly and are often out of stock! If you have missed out on their first production batch, it is a good idea to get notified of their next availability or pre-order. 

Where does Maude ship to?

For the most up to date information on shipping and deliveries, we recommend you check this information on Maude’s FAQ section