Maude Drop review

Maude Drop Review

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Maude Drop Review coming up soon on Vanilla is The New Kink

Maude has done it again! 

For many years, Maude has been a one-sex-toy company, but that’s about to change!

After Maude Vibe, the company is launching its second personal massager, Maude Drop – now available for pre-order! 

Drop, Green
Maude Drop comes in green and light grey

While I can’t wait to receive my Maude Drop and do a proper review of it, it is no secret that Maude Vibe is one of my favorite vibrators! So, the expectation is pretty high and I can’t wait to test this new vibe by Maude. 

What is so special about Maude Drop?

Maude Drop is a wand without the ‘shaft’ and with a vibrating ‘drop’ shaped massager. Maude Drop has a minimalist look and seems to be a ‘no-fuss-no-complications’ type of toy.

Maude drop is made with 100% platinum-grade silicone – same as Maude Vibe, which feels very gentle on the skin.

The similarities with Maude Vibe do not stop there. It has three speeds, a travel lock, a USB charger and is waterproof! 

Where can I buy Maude Drop?

You can pre-order Maude Drop directly from Maude

Attention: Maude products get sold out very quickly and are often out of stock! If you have missed out on their first production batch, it is a good idea to get notified on their next availability or pre-order. 

Where does Maude ship to?

You check this information in Maude’s FAQ section

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