What Is A Male Masturbator

What Is A Male Masturbator? | Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Many-many years ago, when I first heard of male masturbators, my first thought was “What the heck is a male masturbator?” back then, like many other penis owners, my hands were my masturbator, but things evolve and so do sex toys!

Male masturbators are sex toys specifically made (and used) for cis men and people with penises to help them please themselves to achieve orgasm. They come in different sizes, materials, designs, orifices, and functionalities, i.e., whether they are manual/automatic or vibrating/non-vibrating.


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Male masturbators help men and persons with penises achieve some of the best orgasms in their me-time away from partnered sex.

And besides that, there are numerous types of male masturbators offering different types of sexual stimulation. So, how do you know what works where?

That’s what you’re about to find out…

The Handy Penis Sleeve Is Soft And Flexible
Textured penis sleeve

What Is A Male Masturbator?

A male masturbator is a sexual aid used by cis men and people with penises to gain sexual stimulation leading to orgasms.

Male (or even female) masturbation is also known as “pleasing yourself” in a more general term.

The main aim of masturbation is to get or achieve orgasm – the physical and mental sensation experienced during the climax of sexual excitement.

…That’s what we all crave after all.

These sex toys can either be powered manually using your hands or electrically, depending on your personal tastes and preferences. 

Male masturbators also come in different orifices to simulate various types of penetrative sex. 

For example, there are different toys for simulating:

  • Vaginal sex
  • Oral sex
  • Anal play, or
  • Just edging

Once you have an idea of what gives you the kicks from the above options, you can now begin scouting and sourcing for one.

How To Use A Male Masturbator?

As I revealed earlier, male masturbators can be used to spice things up in the bedroom with your partner (like Jack and me, for example) or alone if you fly solo.

But before we get to how these lovely devices actually work, you must know that there are different types of male masturbators.

Types of Male Masturbators and How they Work

There are several types of male masturbators, namely:

1. Handheld Male Masturbators/Penis Strokers

These are masturbators meant to be held by one hand as the name suggests and they are usually portable.

You can either hold it in one position or hold it in your hands while moving it up and down your penis.

These strokers normally come as hollow tunnels or sleeves with highly textured insides which stimulate your penis as you move it along your shaft.

You can feel the effects even before you get hard if get your hands on very detailed strokers.

And the amazing news is that you can incorporate these strokers during your foreplay or actual sex and experience a whole different type of vanilla.

2. Automatic Strokers

Automatic strokers have in-built motors that move the stimulating sleeve up and down your penis and don’t need you putting in some elbow grease to work.

A good example of an automatic stroker is The Handy unit which delivers up to 600 strokes/minute, has an app for better setting customization, and is rechargeable.

The Lelo F1S V2 is also a fantastic automatic male masturbator that uses the popular SenSonic Technology that stimulates your peen via sonic pulses and not the traditional vibrations. It also has a Cruise Control feature that lets you set the stroker in “auto-pilot” and receive pleasure hands-free.

There are also other automatic strokers that simply act as mounts. They allow you to fit your vibrating or non-vibrating sleeves onto a sleeve holder and let you enjoy automated sex. A good example is the Fleshlight Launch.

lelo f1s v2 is a powerful male masturbator
Lelo F1S V2

3.    Pocket Vaginas/Eggs

Known also as pocket pussies, these masturbators are both pocket-friendly (usually) and mobile. 

Most people use them due to their discreet nature and can be kept in your pocket and no one will know it’s there.

They’re best for traveling or if you like pulling one out in between breaks at work. *wink

Also, most models, especially ones made from TPE, are designed for single use and should be disposed of afterward. However, there are more durable options made from medical-grade silicone which can be reused provided you clean and maintain them well.

On the other hand…

We also have egg-shaped male masturbators which, as you might’ve guessed, come in the shape of eggs and are also portable.

Their oval design allows for a wide range of entry to the penis. Some provide suction that stimulates both the tip of the penis and the body.

And as much as some brands claim to be durable and reusable, you can only use them for about 6 months tops before the sleeve gets mushy, loses its texture, and becomes… meh.

4.    Sex Dolls/Realistic Male Masturbators

Sex dolls/realistic male masturbators are both designed like real human parts

They are penetrable and have openings that’ll make you feel like you’re having real sex once you get your jig on.

You’ll find sex dolls mimicking the vagina and/plus butt, a mouth, or a whole (sexy) human body.

It’s always advisable to use generous amounts of lube when using these kinds of masturbators to get maximum pleasure.

How Do You Clean A Male Masturbator?

Cleaning your masturbator is very important and is a MUST. 

When you don’t clean your masturbator, you invite bacteria to have a party with your body fluids! Not a good idea or a party you would like to be part of.



  1. Warm water usually works well with most sex toys. Couple it with a nice soap lathering and gentle brushing, and you’re good to go. 
  2. You can also use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. They are very efficient in killing bacteria lurking on your toy’s surface. You just have to endure that you use one which is also safe on human skin.
  3. Always do random checks after every use to identify any breakage or cuts. This is where most bacteria build up. It’s important to clean those spots or just buy another toy if the damage is too big.

What Is the Best Male Masturbator?

Before deciding which is the best male masturbator, you must put the following into consideration:

  • The elasticity and length
  • The realistic feel and comfortability
  • Different speeds and modes (for vibrating models)
  • Level of discreetness

Once have an idea of what you want afterward, you can begin the hunt.

Still, here are a few top picks that we trust will give you satisfaction, convenience, and value for money.


The LELO F1SV2 provides a very high-end thrill that “undoubtedly delivers the greatest pleasure that can be gotten out of a solo experience,” … from Jack’s own words.

Well, I also enjoy using it to pleasure him every once in a while since it has a cool grip and feels great on my hands.

The LELO F1SV2 has double the power of the previous F1 iteration, giving you double the vibration intensities for a more wholesome stimulation.

It includes 4 functions, each with a whopping 7 patterns. As a result, you can configure the F1S V2 to give you the exact experience you want.

Also, the LELO F1SV2 has a softer, more flexible sleeve form designed to provide better comfort for all penis sizes.

And the best bit…?

The Cruise Control feature adjusts the intensity, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience. It will not stop until your enjoyment is complete, and this characteristic alone makes it worth every penny.

2. The Handy

The Handy is a high-performance interactive stroker intended to elevate masturbation to new heights.

The Handy has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity which when connected to the internet, provide a mind-blowing video sync experience. 

It also has an app that pairs with the strokers and lets you customize the settings to whatever you want.

The Handy Engine And Penis Sleeve
The Handy

How crazy is that…? 

The Handy doesn’t require a battery to power up, as its motors can be directly connected to your electric socket. This means the party won’t stop until you say so!

And listen to this…

This bad boy is fitted with a TrueGrip sleeve that can comfortably fit everyone. No more worrying whether your gun will fit.

3. Fleshlight

A list of male masturbators would not be complete without Fleshlight penis stimulators. Fleshlight has been an industry leader for many years. The brand is pretty much dedicated to the world of male masturbators, even though these days they produce sex toys for vulva and vagina owners.

Fleshlight has a wide range of products that cater to different preferences.

Check Fleshlight Latest Price

How to Warm a Male Masturbator?

It’s always important to warm your masturbating sleeves beforehand. This gives the sleeves a more life-like appeal and gets you in the mood right away.

You can fill the inside of your toy with a little bit of hot water (slightly hotter than the normal body temperature) and block its entrance so that the steam and hot water wouldn’t escape for a few minutes.

Another way is to warm your lube. One way you can do this is by dipping the lube bottle in warm water for a few minutes.

How Much Do Male Masturbators Cost?

Male masturbators could cost you anything between below $10 up to $200+, depending on what you’re looking for.

Simply put, you’re more likely to pay more for automated/vibrating strokers than simple, pocket vaginas.

What Are the Benefits of Owning A Male Masturbator?

Masturbation has been a very hot topic. Some think it’s bad while others think it’s right. 

However, some experts have actually found some mental and physical benefits of masturbating.

These include:

  1. You don’t need to worry about your performance in bed. The least dangerous and anxious kind of sex is using a male masturbator.
  2. Helps you relieve stress and tension. A male masturbator helps you please yourself and at the same time relieves anxiety and stress from your body.
  3. Helps overcome some depression symptoms. Masturbation wouldn’t completely help overcome depression, but it will give you some tranquility for some period afterward.
  4. Helps you have better sex and self-discovery. Male masturbators can help you achieve intense orgasms after a successful training period. This helps to easily recreate feelings with your spouse while you are intimate. 
  5. Helps you increase your sexual awareness. It helps you connect with your body sexually and discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Difference Between a Fleshlight and a Male Masturbatoor?

Fleshlight is a well-known brand of male masturbators. Whilst not the only brand, it is probably one of the oldest ones offering a comprehensive range of products for penis stimulation.

1. Which Is the Best Lubricant To Use with A Male Masturbator?

As experts, we recommend water-based lubes as the best lubricants to use with a male masturbator. 

Water-based lubes are free of harmful chemicals and are very comfortable and can be used on any type of sex toy. They are also pretty easy to clean if they spill on the surrounding fabrics.

Silicone-based lubes, on the other hand, are not advisable as they damage toys made from silicone material.

Oil-based lubes are known for helping with the smooth insertion of the penis. However, they are somehow hard to wipe off and are not as consistent as water-based lubes.

2. Can Masturbation Make You Impotent?

The answer to this question is simply no. 

It is commonly believed that continuous masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is a myth that is based on no facts.

Erectile dysfunction has various psychological and physical causes and even on some occasions both.

3. Can Masturbators Be Better Than Sex?

It depends on your goal during sex. So, it can either be a yes or no.

With sex toys, you’ll experience some very sweet orgasms. It’s far preferable to plain old hand masturbating, but it’s unfair to compare it to sex.

Having sex with your partner is more enjoyable since there is an emotional attachment to it, even if it’s a one-night stand.

With your partner, there’s love between and you could sit and discuss sex openly without having to worry about other things.