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Dame Pom Review | From happy bending to happy ending

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Who is Dame Pom for?

Dame Pom is for those looking for a small, hand-size, medium-power vibrator that is super soft, flexible and bends quite well. It provides great clitoral and vulva stimulation.

dame pom is the same size as the palm of my hand
Although not super powerful, Dame Pom provides fantastic clitoral stimulation

Although not super powerful, I had no issues reaching climax with Dame Pom – just took a little longer compared to the more powerful vibrators. If you enjoy taking your time as you lead up to a magic orgasm, this toy won’t disappoint.

In this Dame Pom review, I will talk about performance, handling, sound, bending and more – much more! But I can anticipate that the Pom gets 4 scoops of Vanilla! 

Our rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla!

Dame Pom 4 stars rating

What does Alice say about Dame Pom?

I believe one of the greatest joys of having a partner is to have someone to snuggle and spoon with. Dame Pom makes the perfect sex toys for vulvas to snuggle up and spoon with! It is shaped like the palm of your hand. 

It is one of the most flexible and soft toys out there. It can bend to match the shape of your vulva and the little triangular bump provides vibrations in the right place – the clit! I find it to be ergonomically perfect!

I have mentioned many times how much I love Dame Products. Dame Eva II is my favourite stay-on vibrator to be used during sex with a partner. Dame Zee is one of my favourite bullets and one of my go-to sex toy for traveling – small and efficient!

Dame Pom’s Performance

Dame Pom is not a super power machine and is unlikely to get you to orgasm within seconds – vibrators such as the Zumio S or Maude Vibe are much quicker at delivering climax. 

dame pom review woman holding pom
Dame Pom is ideal when you have some ‘me’ time to enjoy

Dame Pom is the kind of toy to be enjoyed for a while before reaching climax. It really is ideal for when you can have some ‘me’ time rather than a quickie. 

Pom has five intensities and it took me to go to the highest intensity to climax.

Dame Pom’s Shape and Design

Dame Products have amazingly designed products. I find Dame Eva II to be an engineering masterpiece! Dame Zee is one of my favorite bullets. And Dame Pom does not disappoint! 

Dame’s Pom is shaped a bit like the palm of your hand.

The design and shape don’t look particularly unique to me – at first glance, it looks similar to Sweet Vibrations’ Tulips – although Pom is a bit smaller. Nevertheless, both are designed to be handled by embracing it with the palm of your hand.  

However, Dame Pom has outstanding flexibility and bending capabilities, while Tulips and other similarly shaped vibes do not bend as much. 

sweet vibrations tulips next to dame pom
Dame Pom next to Sweet Vibrations’ Tulips

Another point of difference is the elevated triangular area that makes contact with the clitoris for stimulation! It certainly works well for me in terms of finding the ‘pleasure spot’. 

Size and Handling

As mentioned above, Dame fits perfectly in my hands. I do have small hands and it can easily fit on my palms. 

Handling is very comfortable when lying down on my back – that is when I am not fighting gravity. I did have a bit more trouble using this on my knees and when lying on my tummy. 

Said that, my favourite position for ‘me’ time is to lie down on my back – so, no problems there! 


We can’t say Dame Pom is a budget vibrator!

Dame Products are a medium-to-high prices sort of company and Dame Pom is no different. If you can afford it, it is absolutely worth the investment – other similarly shaped vibes do not offer the same flexibility and softness.

If you are interested in cheap vibrators, check our best affordable vibrators guide. You can certainly find something to suit your budget.   

Material and Care

Dame Pom is from medical grade silicone and it is super soft! 

dame pom feels very soft
Dame Pom feels incredibly smooth and soft

The softness really makes a big difference. As a vibrator to be enjoyed in a ‘long’ session, I really appreciated how lush it felt on my skin! 

Dame Pom is waterproof and super easy to clean. I just use soapy water after each use and dry with a towel before putting it back in my drawer. 

Intensity and Patterns

Dame Pom has five patterns and five intensities. While I personally like the classic continuous pattern and have stuck to that one, I do often find myself using all intensities. The lower intensities are a nice foreplay mode, but in order to climax I need to get it to its highest intensity. 

Sound – How quiet is Dame Pom?

Dame Pom is actually reasonably quiet! It is one of the few vibes I would consider using when my kids are at home – in different rooms, of course, with doors properly locked! 


Dame Pom comes with a USB magnetic charger. I really like the magnetic attachment feature as it ensures the cable stays on – I have vibrators with USB cables that easily come off! Bonus points for Pom!

Dame Pom magnetic usb charger
Dame Pom comes with a magnetic USB-charging cable

Dame Pom’s battery takes about 2 hours to be fully charged and it lasts for about one hour at the highest setting. 

What Jack Says About Dame Pom

Dame Pom is probably a vibrator more suitable for solo-use than couple-use. Handling it as Alice was enjoying the vibe required me to be close to the action. Alice used the Pom around my testicles and, although the sensation was quite pleasant, I prefer being stimulated with a bullet vibrator down there. 

Final Thoughts on Dame Pom

Dame Products has done it again! After trying Dame Eva II and Dame Zee, Dame Pom did not disappoint. It is a great vibrator for clitoral and vulva stimulation, with outstanding softness and bending capacity! 

Our rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla for Dame Pom!

Dame Pom 4 stars rating