dame zee review small bullet vibrator

Dame Zee Review | Little Bullet, Big Blast

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Who is Dame Zee for?

If you have a clitoris and are after a bullet vibrator that is small, portable and orgasmically effective, look no further than Dame Product’s Zee! This little bullet vibrator is capable of big blasts!

Dame Zee bullet vibrator
Dame Zee is a fantastic bullet vibrator

This quintessential bullet vibrator is one of my favorite toys and one that I always carry with me when going away. Not only can it easily fit in my purse, it can easily fit in my pockets! 

Dame Zee is also in our top list for Best Vibrators for Beginners, as it’s simple, cheap, easy to use and efficient! 

Our rating

4 scoops of Vanilla ice-cream! 

Dame Zee 4 stars rating

What Alice says about Dame Products’ Zee?

It is no secret that I love Dame Products pleasure toys.

Sex toys do turn me on, but sex toys designed by a sex toy company with remarkable personality, high ethical standards and on a mission to ‘close the pleasure gap’ – not only do they turn me on, it is real love affair! 

But it gets better, Dame products are incredibly efficient at doing what they are meant to do… give you orgasms! 

After trying (and loving) Dame Eva II, I had high expectations for Dame Zee – a mind-blowing orgasm! Dame Zee did not disappoint! 

Dame Products sex toys
Dame Products design sex toys to ‘close the pleasure gap’

I am confident to say that Dame Zee is likely to provide users with intense orgasms – it is certainly my experience with Dame. 

Dame Zee’s Performance

Dame Zee is far from being the most powerful engine around, but this vibrator is still capable of giving intense orgasms. 

It has three speeds and to be honest, I can hardly feel anything at the lowest setting, but things get hotter and hotter as you increase the intensity to second and third modes! That combined with a pointy edge provides glorious pin-point clitoral stimulation. 

Dame Zee is also a great foreplay toy to be enjoyed around the vulva. My husband Jack also enjoys Dame Zee around his testicles, but I will let him talk about it later in the article. 

Shape and Design – The Quintessential Bullet Vibrator

I think it’s fair to say that Dame Zee is quite a simple design!

Dame zee is easy to handle
Dame zee is a finger-size bullet vibrator

Dame Zee has a quintessential bullet shape. You can’t get any more ‘bullet’ vibrator shape than Zee. It is as big as my ‘ring’ finger and it has a magical pointy tip which provides amazing pin-pointed stimulation. 

Dame Zee comes in a bright blue color. Personally, a vibrator’s color is very low on my priority list, but I quite like that unusual shade of blue and makes it easier for me to identify it when opening my sex toy drawer! 

Size and Handling 

Like most bullets, Dame Zee is a small vibrator. Very easy carry around and super travel-friendly. It also has a ‘travel-lock’ which stops this sex toy from being accidentally switched on. The downside of it being small is that the whole thing vibrates and your hands can get a little numbed after a while. 

Dame Zee is a cordless vibrator, no wires to worry about during use! 

Price – Zee is one of the most affordable vibrators out there

Dame Zee, like a lot of other bullets – probably due to its basic design, is quite an affordable vibrator compared to other sex toys on the market. If you are curious to see what other budget vibrators are available on the market, look no further than our guide for Best Affordable Vibrator.

Dame Zee pin point bullet vibrator
Dame Zee has a classic pointy bullet shape for ‘pin point’ stimulation

Orgasming should not break your bank account! 

Material and Care

Dame Zee Bullet Vibrator is made of soft-touch ABS plastic. It feels very gentle on the skin! It’s also water-resistant and very easy to clean, after each use, with soapy water! I love when a vibrator is easy to clean and care for – Dame Zee ticks all these boxes. 

Intensity and Patterns

Dame Zee has one single pattern – a continuing vibration! Honestly, I think that is all I need. I hardly ever use fancy up/down or on/off patterns and, when I do, I always go back to the basics! 

Dame Zee has three intensities. The least powerful one is great for foreplay, but it did not give me an orgasm. With the second speed, things got a little hotter, and when I was ready, the most powerful speed got me there!  

Intensities can be changed by pressing a small button at the bottom of the bullet. I must say when my hands were a little greasy (from spreading lube) and sweaty, I had a little bit of difficulty to make the changes, but it was quickly solved once I wiped my hands – I always have tissue paper handy!  


Dame Zee comes with a USB rechargeable battery and, according to Dame’s specifications, battery life is one hour use on the most intense setting! I am pretty confident that you will orgasm a lot faster than that!

Dame Zee USB rechargeable
Dame Zee has a USB rechargeable battery

Sound – Is Dame Zee kids’ proof or in-laws proof?

We have good news as far as noise levels go! Dame Zee is reasonably quiet and yes, with closed doors, we are pretty confident you will be able to enjoy this vibrator without the risk of embarrassing remarks at the dinner table! 

What Jack Says About Dame Products’ Zee?

I had the pleasure of helping Alice to test Dame Zee and what a pleasure it was! While a ‘longer-shaft’ vibrator is probably more comfortable for me to handle, the bullet vibrator is light and quick! 

Alice also tested this product on me and – wow! Dame Zee is a great vibrator to provide stimulation around the testicles. It is now a favorite of mine too!

Final Thoughts on Dame Zee

Dame Zee is a quintessential bullet vibrator! 

It is also very affordable and should be part of everyone’s sex toy collection. Considering how small, light and easy to transport it is, it is the perfect vibrator for travelling! 

Dame Zee is also a great option for beginners as it is very simple to use and operate. There is no fuss and orgasms are pretty much guaranteed! 

Final rating: 4 scoops of Vanilla

Dame Zee 4 stars rating