How to use the Satisfyer Pro 2

How To Use The Satisfyer Pro 2 | 5 tips to pleasure yourself

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a clit stimulator (or clit sucker) that many swear by! Satisfyer Pro 2 reviews are often super positive. We agree! It is an affordable sex toy and its powerful suction can surely bring joy (in the form of orgasms, of course) to anyone’s (with a clit) life.

Although I must admit I tend to prefer toys that vibrate instead of those with suction features, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of my go-to toys when I feel like a bit of sucking action. 

If you are new to this sex toy, here are a few tips on how to use the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation:

1 Make sure the Satisfyer ’s charged

OK! Before the fun begins, let’s get a few boring jobs out of the way! Charging is your number one job. As you know, no charge, no play! Making sure the Satisfyer is fully charged will avoid disappointment! 

It is also important to note that the Satisfyer’s battery goes for about half-hour, which sounds like not a lot. However, in my experience, this sex toy will give you an orgasm a lot quicker than that. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 charging

2 Give the Satisfyer a quick wash 

If your toy is brand new, I highly recommend giving it a quick wash or a wipe. The good news is the Satisfyer is fully waterproof (more on that later), making cleaning very easy. 

3 Lube, lube and more lube 

Lubricant is recommended with any sex toy – and really, should be used for sex in general! The Satisfyer, as a powerful clit stimulator, is no different! In fact, I would add that using it with no lube is recipe for disaster – it could really damage the vulva’s delicate skin.

Putting on lots of lube before you get started is a must. I also recommend you have the lube nearby as the need for reapplication arises.

Manufacturer’s instructions recommend a water-based lube.

4 Using the Satisfyer

Charging and washing are done. It’s now time to actually use the Satisfyer Pro 2! My favorite way to use clit stimulators is simply by lying down in bed with a wedge pillow propped under my bottom. That way my pelvic area is lifted up high and can be comfortably reached. 

This sex toy works by placing the cap on top of your clit. The white cap will surround it and the suction movement will do the rest! It is important to note that there’s no direct contact between the Satisfyer and your clitoris – only the surrounding area. 

I find the Satisfyer a little tricky as there’s ‘no room for mistake’… it only works and gives pleasure if precisely placed in the right spot! However, once you work out where that perfect spot is, the Satisfyer can truly deliver! 

One of the things I quite like about the Satisfyer is that always starts on a low-intensity setting. You can increase the intensity from there (there are 11 modes). The buttons are pretty easy to handle and I like that it makes a clicking noise (it reassures me that yes – I have changed mode).  

How far you have to go before you climax is very personal. With the Satisfyer, it doesn’t take me long at all and the low-intensity mode often suffices! 

5 Using the Satisfyer in Water

If you are into sexy baths, the Satisfyer can turn into your best friend ever! 

Technicalities first, the Satisfyer is fully waterproof and can be used in a bath! But the real good news is that water makes the suction even more efficient. It kind of ‘glues’ to your body, making the handling extra comfy. The water is also quite soothing on the skin and, even though the ‘grip’ may feel strong, it doesn’t hurt at all! 

Other than the extra adhesion factor, the use is not very different from non-water. You just place the cap of the Satisfyer around the clitoris and let the air-waves do the job! 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Can Be Used In Water

Is the Satisfyer Easy to Use?

In my experience, the Satisfyer is quite easy to use and operate. 

To my surprise though, I came across a few people who have struggled with using it. I am part of a moms’ online group and the Satisfyer is often at the top of the recommendation list when people ask for sex toy advice! But it is not rare to find someone saying they struggled to ‘get it right’ and were not able to get an orgasm. 

While it is impossible to make comments on individual circumstances, as our bodies (and vulvas) are all different, I believe there are possible different reasons to why the Satisfyer may not work well for some: 

  • the Satisfyer’s cap  is not placed on the right spot
  • the toy is not firmly pressed against the skin leaving tiny pockets of air through
  • some people may not respond well to suction stimulation (they may, for example, prefer vibrations)

Final Thoughts

There are many good reasons for buying a Satisfyer Pro 2. It is an affordable and easy to handle and operate sex toy that can be safely used in water. To use simply place the cap around your clitoris. To use it efficiently, make sure the toy’s cap is pressed firmly enough so that no pockets of air get through. Some users may take longer than others to find the ideal spot around the clit. Overall, the Satisfyer is an easy to use toy that can bring very quick orgasms to its users.