Lelo Sila review clit stimulator vibrator

Lelo Sila Review | Pleasure is a long game

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To say that my very first experience with a clit sucking device was overwhelming is a real understatement. I am pretty sure I reached an orgasm faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100m!

Lelo Sila is easy and ergonomic to handle
Lelo Sila is all about the long game

Nothing against instant gratification, there is a place in my life for it (hello, chocolate!), but, when it comes to sexual pleasure, I do like the long game better!

Since my first clit sucking toy experience – since ever, really – I tend to prefer G-spot or bullet vibrators – rather than clit stimulators – as they can take me on a journey that involves foreplay building up into climax – a journey that lasts more than a just few seconds.

Moreover, that first experience left me so bewildered that it took me a while before I touched another clit sucking sex toy. When I finally did, I was always ‘very careful’ and made sure I would start my playtime with a ‘foreplay friendly’ sex toy before moving on to the powerful stuff. 

That is until I was kindly gifted a Lelo Sila by Lelo! 

Who is Lelo Sila for?

For those not in a hurry to reach an orgasm! 

Lelo Sila is for those looking for a clitoris stimulation toy that feels more like real clit sucking than a vacuum cleaner suction device! 

Unlike the super powerful ones (including Lelo Sona 2 Cruise), Lelo Sila gives me an intense orgasm without that crazy (borderline-scary) feeling that my clitoris is being eaten alive by some sort of “orgasm monster”. 

When the toy arrived, my initial plan was to do my usual trick – start with something a little more gentle such as Lelo Ora 3 and then move to the ‘hardcore’ stuff! My kids were out of the house for a brief period of time, so due to time constraints, I decided to go straight for Lelo Sila.

I am so glad I did! Lelo Sila is no 100m sprint. 

lelo sila next to lelo sona cruise 2 and lelo ora 3
Lelo trifecta: Lelo Sila (left), Lelo Sona Cruise 2 and Lelo Ora 3

Our rating

4.5 scoops of Vanilla for Lelo Sila

lelo sila 4 and half star rating

What Alice says about Lelo Sila’s performance?

With Lelo Sila, you get the best of both worlds – a nice build-up **as well as** a nice strong orgasm. In fact, Sila is a sex toy that will take you all the way from building up momentum to an amazing climax. 

Personally, I couldn’t be happier with this.

I know a lot of people like the super powerful instant-orgasm giving clit stimulators and they may find this toy less powerful. For me, in this case, less is more! I had no problem getting my orgasms, so I can safely say Lelo Sila delivers top performances. 

Size and Handling

Like all other Lelo products I have tested before, Lelo Sila is very comfortable to handle. Ergonomic handling is particularly important when it comes to clit stimulators. And bonus points for older people who are starting to show signs of joint pain or arthritis, but still enjoy the vibe. 

Lelo Sila has a large mouth to be placed on the clitoris
Lelo Sila is comfortable to handle

As opposed to toys that provide widespread vibrations around the entire vulva, Lelo Sila needs to be in the right spot for it to work. That means holding it still – which can lead to a sore wrist and hand. However, Lelo Sila made the whole experience pain-free for me. 


Lelo Sila is definitely an investment sex toy! Unsurprisingly for Lelo, it won’t win the affordable vibrator competition! 

If you can afford it, Lelo Sila is no doubt a great addition to a sex toy collection. If you are after a more affordable sex toy for clitoral stimulation, a more budget-friendly option is the iconic Satisfyer Pro 2

Material and Care

Lelo Sila is made with ultra-soft-smooth body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. The material feels silky and gentle on your skin – something highly important for a toy that ‘sucks’ your clitoris – you really don’t want rough rubbery (or ‘plasticky’) stuff down there. Said that, lube is – as usual- essential.

Intensity and Patterns

There are eight patterns and eight intensities to choose from. As usual, my favorite pattern is the continuos one – I am pretty Vanilla, after all. I did, however, use all speeds – which is unlikely for me with other clit-sucking toys where the lowest intensity is as far as I go. 

Shape and Design

Lelo Sila’s shape and design is very similar to Lelo Ora – minus the large mouth! Like most Lelo products, the design of Lelo Sila is aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very comfortable. 

Like most sex toys that focus on clitoris sucking, Lelo Sila needs to be on-going positioned on the right spot, so having an easy-to-handle design is definitely a plus. 


Lelo Sila comes with USB rechargeable battery – to be used cordless! Charging time takes about two hours. A fully charged battery should last up to ninety days in stand-by and up to two hours during use – not that I needed any 

Other Considerations: Lelo Sila vs Sona 2 Cruise

While from an aesthetic point of view, Lelo Sila looks very similar to Lelo Ora 3, its functionality – just like Lelo Sona Cruise 2 – is all about the clitoris!

lelo sila vs lelo sona cruise 2
Lelo Sila vs Lelo Sona Cruise 2

So, what are the differences between Sila and Sona? In my opinion, a lot!

  • Both toys are about the ‘wave’ 
  • Sila’s mouth is much wider compared to Sona Cruise 2
  • Sila feels more like a rumbly toy and Sona Cruise 2 is more of a suction device 
  • Sona Cruise 2 has the ‘cruise control’ technology, something not present in Sila – to be honest, something I haven’t particularly missed!

Final Thoughts on Lelo Sila 

This might be a big call, as someone who has always preferred wands and bullets instead of clit stimulators, Lelo Sila has blown my mind. If you want long-lasting pleasure followed by an intense orgasm, this sex toy is just amazing. 

If you can afford it, I highly recommend Lelo Sila

Our rating:

4 scoops of Vanilla 

lelo sila 4 and half star rating