Maude Cone Review Butt Plug For Beginners

Maude Cone Review | Simple and effective anal butt plug

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It is no secret that I love Maude. 

Maude Vibe and Maude Drop are among my favorite sex toys. With that in mind, I was eager to check Maude’s newest creation: Maude Cone. 

Maude Cone is a butt plug for anal stimulation.

As the name suggests, it’s shaped like a cone with a little ‘handle’ at the bottom end. I found Maude Cone to be an easy to use butt plug ideal for beginners and for those who prefer smaller anal toys. 

Who is Maude Cone for?

Maude Cone is ideal for anyone who enjoys anal stimulation and is after a toy that is simple, easy to use and relatively small. Because of these features, Maude Cone makes an ideal butt plug for beginners anal players. 

I would also add that Maude Cone is great for “vanilla” anal players – yes, like me! I have no intention of using a larger-than-life butt plug as my (physical) pain tolerance is pretty low. 

Maude Cone is perfect for those who like a bit of easy anal stimulation: it’s small, flexible – it bends very easily – and goes in and out pretty easily and pain-free.  However, it can also double up as a P-spot stimulator and a clit stimulator – thanks to its pointy edge. 

Maude Cone Is Flexible And Made From Soft Silicone
Maude Cone is small and flexible – making it ideal for beginners anal players

Maude Cone Design

Maude Cone is shaped like a… cone! It is very similar to Maude Vibe with a ‘handle’ at the bottom of the toy. 

While my husband Jack finds the ‘pointy’ end of the cone great for prostate stimulation, I think it works quite well as a clitoral stimulator! Gotta love a sex toy that can be enjoyed as a couple.

Of course, as clit stimulator it is nowhere near as effective as a battery (or electricity) powered stimulator such as Maude Vibe. 

Nevertheless, it works well as a gentle foreplay sex toy to get started. Being a motorless toy means it is dead silent and okay for use when visiting the in-laws! 

At the moment, Maude Cone is available in green and charcoal (dark grey).


Maude Cone is 3.5’’ long (the insertable part) – so just a little bit bigger than an average finger. The smaller size is perfect for those who are after a more gentle type of anal stimulation. 


Maude Cone is surprisingly affordable – in line with their other sex toys. Maude is also a classy brand – looks expensive but it is pretty affordable.

The other good news about Maude Cone is that it is likely to last for a very long time – being a motorless toy. 

Maude Cone Small Butt Plug For Beginners
Maude Cone is an affordable butt plug option if you don’t want to spend much

How to Use Maude Cone

Well, there is no rocket science behind an anal plug as simple as Maude Cone. After applying lube (I use water-based ones), this sex toy gets inserted into the anus until you reach the handle/base. 

If you have a prostate, try to find your P-spot about two inches up towards the penis. 

To remove, just relax and gently pull it out using the handle. 

Like with any sex toy – arguably even more with anal toys, it is important to clean it thoroughly after each use. 

Maude Cone is a toy for manual stimulation. While it does not have the power of an engine, it is uncomplicated and requires no battery and no charging. It always works!

Is anal play vanilla?

Yes – is my answer. Vanilla sex is a subjective concept, however, dare I say gone are the days that anal play was some sort of ‘sinful’ act. 

I use the term ‘Vanilla’ to differentiate from those who like BDSM play (nothing wrong with it – just not my kink). Nevertheless, gentle anal stimulation can be enjoyed by Vanilla-leaning people. 

Is anal play only for gay men?

No! That is a huge misconception. Anal play is for anyone who has an anus, which is well… everyone! 

Does Maude Cone vibrate?

No. Maude Cone is not a motorized toy and does not vibrate. If you are after an anal butt plug that vibrates, check Maude Cone Medium – it has the same shape and design as Maude Cone, but it also has 3 vibration speeds to choose from and is slightly bigger in size.