Cuddly Bird Sex Toy By Osuga
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Osuga Cuddly Bird Review | Mind Blowing Vibrator + Clit Stimulator 2-in-1

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Who is Osuga Cuddly Bird for?

Osuga’s Cuddly Bird is suitable for people with clits who are after a versatile sex toy that simulates the external pleasure spots by either ‘sucking’ or ‘vibrating’. Osuga Cuddly Bird’s vibrations can provide gentle ‘foreplay’, while switching to sucking mode will likely give you an intense orgasm very quickly. 

Often, 2-in-1 types of toys can be disappointing as they promise lots but may not end up living up to my expectations. I am pleased to report that Osuga was mind-blowing and has become one of my top favourite toys!  

Our rating: 4 ½ scoops of Vanilla

Osuga Cuddly Bird rating 4 and half star rating

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What Alice says about Osuga Cuddly Bird?

I have always said that aesthetics is right down the bottom of my priority list when it comes to sex toys! Well, that was until Osuga Cuddly Bird came into my life! That bird is just so cute and so is the charging base! 

Aesthetics aside – performance is still more important than cuteness – as far as pleasure toys go. Osuga’s Cuddly Bird’s performance was well worth the experience. 

With my first go using this sex toy, the vibration provided fantastic stimulation and was able to quickly wake my nerve cells up. However, the real highlight was the suction! I found Osuga Cuddly Bird to be the perfect balance between gentleness (I hate clit suckers that feel like a vacuum cleaner is sucking me) and release – that magic orgasm came strong and pain-free! I was able to achieve an orgasm in the lowest intensity mode! 

Osuga Cuddly Bird Retro Yellow

With my second use, I wanted to explore the vibration settings a little more and see whether the vibrations alone would lead me to climax. I am pleased to report that yes, I had no trouble reaching an orgasm in vibe mode. It did take longer compared to the sucking function and I had to use the highest speed.  

I guess Osuga Cuddly Bird would not be my first choice for a straight vibrator, but as a 2-in-1 vibrator+clit sucking or even as a clit sucking alone, it is absolutely amazing! 

Cuddly Bird is not designed (and not suitable) for internal stimulation. 

Osuga Cuddly Bird’s Performance, Intensity and Patterns

The Cuddly Bird is a great little device in terms of clit stimulation performance. It has three suction modes and four vibration intensities/modes. 

I am normally a vibration girl more than a suction one. I often find suction gives me orgasms far too quickly and I miss out on the ‘building up’ of it. The Cuddly Bird was great as the suction is not as ridiculously strong as other classic clit stimulators and the vibration did what vibrations do best… they woke up my nerve cells and set me up in the right mood. 

My only concern with this toy is that it might not be strong enough if you enjoy some serious powerful suction (borderline painful)! In that case, you can check Lelo Sona Cruise 2 or the Satisfyer Pro 2. 

Similar Performance to Osuga Cuddly Bird: 

While the design of Osuga’s Cuddly is very unique, the clitoral stimulation function is present in other sex toys that aim to please clit owners such as Satisfyer Pro 2 or Lelo Sona 2 Cruise. So, let’s have a quick at comparable pleasure toys:

Satisfyer Pro 2 vs Osuga Cuddly Bird: 

Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of the most popular clit suckers around. It is powerful, does the job and is affordable. As opposed to Cuddly Bird, with Satisfyer, you will only get the sucking sensation. On the other hand, Satisfyer is one of the most affordable vibes out there. 

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise vs Osuga Cuddly Bird:

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise is one of the most powerful clit suckers on the market. Compared to Cuddly Bird, it is a more expensive (unsurprisingly for Lelo) and one-function only type of toy (suction only)! 

Cuddly Bird’s Shape and Design

Osuga Cuddly Bird is shaped like a… You guessed it!… A very cute bird!

Osuga Cuddly Bird is easy to hold in your hand thanks to its small size. Plus, the ridges on the device help you keep your grip while you’re using it. 

It has, as you might guess from the name, a bird shape. At the back end of the toy is a small point, making up the tail of the bird. Then, there’s a tip at the top of the toy with a small opening for the suction. 

What’s great about the suction is that it’s small, but it’s not too small. You can have some fun with it and get enough surface area to really start playing. 

Osuga Cuddly Bird Charging Light

Cuddly Bird Charging Station and Battery

The Cuddly Bird comes with a USB rechargeable battery. However, the highlight here is the gorgeous charging base it comes with! The charging station resembles a vintage bird cage and It lightens up as it charges. If I didn’t have small curious kids in the house, I would totally use it as my bedside lamp. 

The battery life varies depending on how you use the device. 

But, if you keep it on full suction, you can get a good two hours out of the machine. If it’s the vibration you prefer, you can use it at maximum speed for 80 minutes or more. 

Once the battery runs out, you’ll only need to charge it for 2 hours. That will leave you with a full charge—perfect for your next use!

If you keep the device on standby mode you shouldn’t have to charge it very often. Once every couple of days should do you just fine.


Overall, this is not a super cheap sex toy as expected for a 2-in-1 product. Nevertheless, compared to other multi-functional sex toys, it’s not super expensive and can give you serious pleasure. I believe it is worth every cent.  

Size and Handling

The toy is quite small, measuring just ​​3.07 x 2.17 x 2.2 in. And, it only weighs a little under 5 ounces, so you’re not going to be lugging around anything heavy. 

Personally, I think this is great because you can slip it into a suitcase for sexy fun on the go. It also has a travel lock – so, it can’t be accidentally turned on. Talk about having a good vacation!

Material and Care

In terms of material, the Cuddly Bird is made out of silicon. The material is waterproof, but it’s still best not to soak it.

When you need to clean it off, just rinse it with a bit of water. You can also wipe it down with a diluted soapy solution if you’re wanting to be extra cautious. 


While not terribly loud, it’s still a toy I prefer to use when home alone (or with my beautiful husband). Like most clit suckers, Osuga Cuddly Bird can get quite noisy when not pressed against the clit. 

Final Thoughts on Osuga’s Cuddly Bid

Cuddly Bird is one of the best 2-in-1 sex toys around. I particularly liked its clit suction function as it is not painful – perfect for those who like clit stimulators but feel a little overwhelmed by toys that deliver lightning-fast orgasms. Highly recommended! 

Our rating: 4 ½ scoops of Vanilla

Osuga Cuddly Bird rating 4 and half star rating