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Planning for a Great Weekend of Sex

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10 Top Tips For A Satisfying Sex Weekend

There is nothing more exciting than managing to arrange an entire weekend of sex when you can forget about daily life and focus on pleasure.

couples weekend
Couple enjoying their time together

If you’ve been waiting for the stars to align so that you can have this time together, you’ll want to make the most of it. Time spent planning can really pay off and help you enjoy yourselves, knowing you have everything you’ll need.

1. Pack Some Toys

If you are going to be spending more time than usual in bed, you will probably run into a couple of problems. Firstly, arms, fingers, and genitals all get tired. Secondly, you might run through your usual repertoire quickly. Adding toys to the mix can help with both of these issues. 

Wand vibrators are a great option here. They can be used all over your bodies to great effect, and offer a different sensation to touching alone. You might want to check our reviews of the Bed Geek Wand and Le Wand for some inspiration.

vibrators do not replace human connection
Sex toys are a fun addition to life

2. Unplug

There is nothing more jarring than the buzz of a phone. It can pull you both of the moment and bring the outside world crashing in. When you’re planning your sex weekend, try and make sure that neither of you needs to be contactable.

Then you can shut off your phones for the duration. If you need to be reached in case of emergency, take 5 minutes to set up your ‘do not disturb’ settings. 

Without your phones to distract you, you can enjoy your time together. Letting your partner know that they are all you are focused on right now, is a powerful aphrodisiac, especially in the days of smartphones!

3. Plan Your Meals

You need to think about your meals a little bit like an athlete does before a competition. You want to have enough energy to get to the finish line, but you don’t want to be so full that you feel bloated and sleepy.

So, if you plan on having sex in the evening, try and avoid a big dinner. Choosing a more hearty lunch might be a better idea. If you intend to have multiple sex sessions during the day, you might be better served by planning more lighter meals.

cheese wine and sex
Cheese wine and sex!

One of my personal favorites is cheese and wine!

4. Think About Bedsheets

Depending on where you are having your weekend of sex, you may want to consider investing in some silky soft sheets. If you’re staying at home, a special set of sheets can make your weekend feel exceptional. You may even want to pack sheets even if you are staying at a hotel. 

The feel of great sheets sliding over your skin can feel decadent and even intensify your pleasure. While scratchy sheets are a bit of a mood killer.

5. Dress Up

If you have something in your wardrobe that makes you feel really sexy, then plan to wear it. It could be a pair of heels that make your legs look fabulous, a shirt that tempts your partner to touch you, or some luscious lingerie.

Best Inexpensive vibrator
The joy of sexy clothes is taking them off!

Half the joy of sexy clothes is taking them off again, so don’t worry if you don’t plan to wear your outfit anywhere other than the bedroom.

6. Try Something New

Having some time put aside, primarily for sex, can be a fantastic opportunity to try something new. It could be a new sex toy you’ve been wanting to try. A sex weekend is the perfect opportunity to really try out a good vibrator for couples. You have the time and space to find what works for both of you.

It’s also a chance to try something you don’t have time for usually. For example, you could try taking a bath together or bringing some squirty cream and fruit to bed. Mixing up your foreplay can make sex feel exciting and new.

7. Tantalize All Your Senses

Try to plan little things to tease every one of your senses. The more of your senses you get involved, the more memorable the whole experience will be.

  • Touch – silky sheets
  • Sight – dressing up for each other
  • Hearing – pick some mood music
  • Taste – open a bottle of fizz
  • Smell – pack some special perfume / cologne / body cream

8. Manage Your Expectations

A weekend of sex sounds like a wonderful idea. However, you do need to be sure that you have reasonable and matching expectations.

talk about your weekend of sex expectations
Talk about your expectations

If one of you is hoping for non-stop sex where you can explore each other all day and night, only pausing for food and sleep. The other is hoping for some romance, wining and dining, and then one or two rounds of mindblowing sex. You’re probably both going to be disappointed.

It’s also a good idea to avoid putting too much pressure on your weekend. If your sex weekend becomes too focused on sex, you both might struggle to perform. Even though you’re planning a weekend of sex, try to make the goal something like having fun and enjoying each other.

9. Plan Together

Planning together is a great way to make sure that you hit the previous point. It’s also a great way to build your excitement for the upcoming weekend. 

You could consider each choosing something you enjoy doing most in bed. With a whole weekend, you can both get what you want.

10. Start Before You Leave

The build-up to a sex weekend is a big part of the joy and excitement. If you can find ways to start tantalizing and teasing each other before leaving, you can extend the fun for longer. Subtle texts, smoldering looks, and lingering touches help set the mood before you even begin.

communication and consent are important aspects of sex positivity
The build up to can be just as fun as the actual weekend!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a weekend away special?

There are plenty of ways to make a weekend away special. You don’t have to cram them all into a single getaway. Here’s some suggestions to get you started – go somewhere new, find a room with a view, have sex at a different time of day than usual, eat some great food, focus on each other.

Can you have a romantic sex weekend at home?

Of course, you can! It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s about how you spend your time. In fact, you can apply our tips to a long weekend of sex at home.