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Maude vs Dame | Sexual wellness at its best

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Maude and Dame are easily two of my favorite sexual wellness companies! 

If Dame and Maude were people, I would definitely like to be friends with and hang out with them as often as possible. They both bring positive vibes to my life – literally. 

Obviously, they’re not people, but I believe they are brands worth supporting. 

Both Maude and Dame produce sex toys and sex-related products such as condoms and lubricants. Both have a great ethos behind them. They both break away from the old tired cliche that equates sex to ‘naughtiness’. 

But what are the differences and which one is best between Dame and Maude?

I have tried and reviewed all Maude’s sex toys (Maude Vibe, Maude Drop, Maude Cone and Maude Spot) and have tried and reviewed Dame Eva II, Dame Zee, Dame Pom and Dame Kip

The main points of difference are the price (Maude is generally cheaper), product range (Dame has more variety of products), design approach (Maude’s toys are simple and minimalist, while Dame’s design is more innovative and colorful) and orgasm-efficiency (Maude’s vibrations tend to be stronger = easier/quicker to reach climax). 

If I were to pick a “winner”, I would choose Maude over Dame. Mainly because of the lower price, simpler design and powerful vibrations (Maude Vibe and Maude Drop, in particular, can give me an orgasm within seconds). 

Let’s have a closer look and compare Maude and Dame:  

(Our comparison guide is focused on the sex toys range and not so much on other sex-related products such as candles, condoms and lube).

Maude Vibe Vs Dame Kip
Maude Vibe and Dame Kip

Maude’s price vs Dame’s price

Maude’s vibrators are generally cheaper. 

If you compare products that have similar functionality, Maude is often cheaper than Dame. To be fair, I also believe that Dame’s more elaborate designs are part of the reason for the higher prices. Nevertheless, elaborate designs don’t always equal better performance. 

If you look at G-spot stimulators, Maude Spot costs just under $80*, while Dame Arc is just under $120*. Maude clit stimulator, Maude Vibe, costs around $45*, while Dame Kip (also a clit stimulator) is around $75*. 

Dame has a very affordable vibrator option in Dame Zee (around $30*), a classic bullet shape, however, Zee’s intensity is quite low compared to Maude Vibe. 

* Please note, these are full prices at the time of writing this article. You may be able to score a better deal during sales period. For the latest price and special deals, please check:

Design – High engineering vs back to basics

The engineering background of Dame’s founder Janet Lieberman – in partnership with sexologist Alexandra Fine – seems to have been incorporated into Dame’s product development. 

Dame’s creations seem to begin at their ‘product hub’ called “Dame Labs”. According to their website, the hub is a “people-centered research, community-building, and educational initiative touching all things sex and pleasure”. Dame encourages people (18 and older) to apply to join their community in different areas of interest. 

Maude, on the other hand, is proud to pursue a ‘back to basics’ and uncomplicated design – all of that without compromising their toys’ effectiveness (yes, they deliver powerful orgasms). 

As far as design goes, another point of difference is the color selection. Dame uses a variety of bright colors, while Maude’s products come in green, charcoal and (light) grey. 

Dame Pom Dame Eva Ii Maude Drop

Maude’s Performace vs Dame’s Performance

Does a less elaborated design translate into poorer performance? In Maude’s case, not at all!

Maude’s vibrators are incredibly effective at providing stimulation and delivering intense climax! 

In fact, generally speaking, I found Maude’s sex toys to have a more powerful vibration – leading to quicker and more intense orgasms! 

While I enjoy more gentle stimulation provided by less powerful devices such as Dame Pom or Dame Zee, Maude Vibe or Maude Drop are more powerful. Nevertheless, if power is your thing, Dame Kip is also a great option.

On the other hand, Dame has products that are quite unique and hard to compare as Maude does not offer an ‘equivalent’. 

How did Maude and Dame start?

Dame was founded in 2014 by a sexologist, Alexandra Fine, and an engineer, Janet Lieberman. One of Dame’s key missions was to close the ‘pleasure gap’ – research shows that people with clits experience less pleasure than those with penises. 

Maude was founded in 2018 by Eva Goicochea. With a background in healthcare, brand strategy and e-commerce, Goicochea saw an opportunity in the sex wellness industry for a brand that offered high-quality, simple and inclusive products. In 2020, Dakota Johnson joined Maude as a co-creative director and key investor. 

Product range

Dame’s product range is wider than Maude’s. 

As far as sex toys go, at the time of writing this article, Maude has four products (Vibe, Drop, Spot and Cone) and Dame has nine (Eva, Pom, Arc, Kip, Zee, Aer, Com, Fin and Dip). 

With a wider variety of devices, Dame covers most types of vibe: from bullet style to clit sucking as well as the more unique designs such as Eva, a hands-free vibrator that hugs the clit. 

Maude’s product range includes two external vibrators (Maude Vibe and Maude Drop), an anal butt plug (Maude Cone) and an internal vibrator designed to stimulate the G-spot (Maude Spot). Currently, Maude does not offer a ‘clit sucking; option such as Dame’s Aer. 

Dame Products Vs Maude

Final Thoughts

Maude and Dame are brands with great ethos and missions that promote sexual wellness as a natural and inclusive part of life.

If I were to choose a favorite, I have to say Maude is my pick – for the lower prices and high-performance devices they offer.